Who doesn’t want big, beautiful hair with movement, right?


 Some women naturally have that, but it takes effort to volumize every little strand for most of us. Here at Twisted Sisters, beautiful salons near me, we study every aspect of hair and can help you create that enviable volume.


1. It Begins In The Shower


 If you want to plump up the volume, then make sure your shampoo has the right formula. Today, you have fine options in volumizing shampoos from salon quality to even drugstore brands. Some of the key ingredients that deliver big volume include rice protein, hyaluronic acid, bamboo fiber, rosehip oil, etc.


 While the hair is wet or damp after shampooing, apply a volumizing product like a root lifter, thickening spray gel, or a mousse to “starch up” the strands and blow-dry.


2. “Lift” The Mohawk Section eye lash extensions near me

 At our Indianapolis hair salons, we can also add hot rollers to give you extra volume. If you’re trying this at home, we have some tips for a fab lift at the root. The Mohawk section is the central strip of upright hair running from the forehead to the nape.


  • Heat a few hot rollers
  • Apply the rollers to the “Mohawk” section
  • Blast the rollers with heat from your diffuser attachment
  • To set the volume, blast it with cool air
  • Remove the rollers, and enjoy the volume     


3. Use Dry Shampoo In Between


 Whatever you choose for volume, don’t “over-do” the styling, shampooing, and adding heavy layers of product because your hair could suffer from dryness, weakness, and further limpness from too much stuff.


 Our fine hair specialists advise giving your strands a break during the week by applying dry shampoo for a lift in between your shampoo/conditioning in the shower.


 Dry shampoos come in many formulas, and all you have to do is make a few spritzes and allow the product to become absorbed before fluffing up your hair. 


4. Fake It Fabulously With Hair Extensions hair extensions near me


 If you’re looking for spectacular hair extensions near me, look no further. At Twisted Sisters salons here in Westfield, we have trained long and hard to master this amazing art.


 We can create the ultimate in lasting hair volume and feature the latest in installation/techniques:


  • Hand-Tied hair extensions
  • Tape-In hair extensions
  • Fusion hair extensions
  • I-Tip hair extensions
  • Laser Beamer Nano


 Some of our favorite brands include Bellami, Babe, Hairdreams, and Great Lengths Covet & Mane.


 Set up a consultation with us to help you find the perfect hair extensions that blend in, look natural and result in stunning, full hair.


5. Boost It With A Brazilian Blowout


 Another volumizing solution would be an in-salon treatment that adds key keratin protein for strong, smooth, manageable, big hair. Our skilled stylists are incredible at giving a Brazilian Blowout at salons near me.


 This unique treatment fills and seals your hair’s cuticle with essential amino acids and nutrients and is long-lasting at three to four months. It is not a straightening hair solution, but it makes every strand shiny, fortified, flexible, and healthy for maintaining volume.


 Best of all, when you’re searching for a Brazilian Blowout near me, you’ve come to the right salon. This is a safe treatment performed by our talented stylists and works effectively on all hair types and textures.


 Call us for a consultation at 317-820-2369. 

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6. Ask For Highlights To Plump Hair 


 When you add color to strands, the formula itself swells the hair shaft slightly so that your hair will appear thicker and more voluminous. However, you don’t want to go overboard with bleach and too much lightning to avoid damage, breakage, and dryness.


 We recommend hair highlights applied by our color experts at our elegant Indianapolis hair salons. The process will help “rough up” the cuticle and allow your hair to be plumper with a bit more workable texture.

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7. Relax With A Volumizing Hair Mask


 Let’s be honest. Most of us abuse our hair in one way or the other every week with chemicals, drying products, or hot styling tools.


 Your hair needs a break and time for a luxe treatment.


 There are tons of volumizing hair masks available from low end to high end, and you can apply these in the privacy of your home, and we could also apply them for you at our Indianapolis hair salons.


 We advise steering clear of masks that contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol, and artificial colors.

hand tied extensions

8. Consider A Daily Hair Supplement


 Creating volume from within is another method of achieving hair with bigness, and lots of women and men swear by taking daily biotin supplements. Some studies show this works, and other research says not so much.


 Biotin is also known as vitamin B7. It stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth and thickness.


 You can find biotin supplements in a chewable gummy bear form which is yummy and easy to digest.


9. Spray It Softly For Hold


 To keep your hairstyle big and thick, be gentle with the hairspray. A soft-hold formula is best, and put away the pomades, oil, or waxes that will weigh down the hair.


10. Tie It Up At Night


 Before your head hits the pillow, one way to extend the volume is by sleeping with your hair in a high bun. Choose a cloth scrunchie to avoid tightness and damage from forming.


 We all envy big, gorgeous hair and want the volume, too. If you’re excited to try hair extensions near me or a bombshell Brazilian Blowout near me, contact Twisted Sisters Salon with two convenient locations in Westfield. We promise to deliver beautiful bigness on hair of any type and texture!


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