Who doesn’t want big, beautiful hair with movement, right?


 Some women naturally have that, but it takes effort to volumize every little strand for most of us. Here at Twisted Sisters, beautiful salons near me, we study every aspect of hair and can help you create that enviable volume.


1. It Begins In The Shower


 If you want to plump up the volume, then make sure your shampoo has the right formula. Today, you have fine options in volumizing shampoos from salon quality to even drugstore brands. Some of the key ingredients that deliver big volume include rice protein, hyaluronic acid, bamboo fiber, rosehip oil, etc.


 While the hair is wet or damp after shampooing, apply a volumizing product like a root lifter, thickening spray gel, or a mousse to “starch up” the strands and blow-dry.


2. “Lift” The Mohawk Section eye lash extensions near me

 At our Indianapolis hair salons, we can also add hot rollers to give you extra volume. If you’re trying this at home, we have some tips for a fab lift at the root. The Mohawk section is the central strip of upright hair running from the forehead to the nape.


  • Heat a few hot rollers
  • Apply the rollers to the “Mohawk” section
  • Blast the rollers with heat from your diffuser attachment
  • To set the volume, blast it with cool air
  • Remove the rollers, and enjoy the volume     


3. Use Dry Shampoo In Between