Do you like braids as much as we do at our elegant Twisted Sisters Westfield salon?


Talk about a classic hair look for women of all ages. If you have some length, then you can achieve a variety of pretty braids this winter. Also, hair extensions provide tons of braided styles that not only look easy-breezy beautiful but offer protection to every strand. Braids are damage-free.


  1. Fabulous French Braid


Head over to to watch step-by-step tutorials, but basically, a French braid starts from three separated sections. French braid by braiding the first three sections you separated. Take the strand you’re holding in your right hand. Cross this over the middle strand. The right strand is now your new central strand. The middle strand is now the right strand.


Then, cross the leftmost strand over the middle strand. You get the idea. Or have the stylists at our beauty salon Westfield Indiana French braid for you.


  1. Sexy Side Braid


Just swing your hair over one shoulder. Next, begin braiding down to your ends, and then secure your braid with a hair tie. 

hand tied extensions


To make it casual, tug gently at both sides to loosen.


If you’d prefer that the pros at our glam beauty salon Westfield Indiana help you out, book an appointment.


  1. French Braid Pigtails


Kim Kardashian West enjoys playing with French braid pigtails, and we think she rocks the look beautifully. You can achieve it, too.


French braid pigtails start with a middle part, then you French braid each side back to the nape of your neck. Tie off your hair into two pigtails. 


  1. Boho Braided Bun


Here’s another elegant hairstyle perfect for your wedding. The talented hair technicians at our Westfield hair salon can offer you hair extensions to create the style.


A boho braided bun starts with a ponytail secured with an elastic and a three-strand braid. Next, create a hole in the area of your hair above the ponytail holder. From there, you will lift your braid up with your free hand and pull the braid down through the hole, and secure it with bobby pins.

  1. Hot Headband Braid


For a headband braid, begin with a three-inch-wide section of hair starting from a deep side part, and finish just behind your ear on the opposite side.


Start plaiting this section of hair, and then pull the tail of your braid around your head, laying it flat against the nape of your neck.


Secure it to the underneath bit of your hair with bobby pins.


Book an appointment today at our fabulous Twisted Sisters Westfield salon. We’re exceptional braiders!