Put Your Fresh Face Forward: 5 New Spring Makeup Trends to Try

Springtime is all about having fun and looking fabulous, and that’s what makeup artists are calling spring 2020.

Here at our Twisted Sisters Indianapolis hair salons, we’re ushering in the new season with sparkle, gloss, and boldness. If you’ve never traveled out of your comfort zone, now’s the time to do it. Explore your unique beauty.

Gorgeous Spring Makeup Trends:

1. Smoky, Glittery Eye

This is subtle and sexy, and something that looks lovely on women of all ages. Designer Brandon Maxwell sent his models down the runway wearing the glittery eyeshadow, and women responded.

You’ll need primer, shimmery silver shadow and black mascara.

Apply primer around the eyes to keep your smoky glitter in place. Next, sweep the eyeshadow gently across your lid and top with a few coats of mascara.

2. Neon Cat Eyes

Meow, ladies! This is a simple beauty trend that’s turning heads, and it’s a blast trying it on. We all adore black eyeliner, but this time, kick it up a notch.

Use a liquid or gel pencil eyeliner in a bright, wow shade like neon green, yellow or orange, and wing it up!

3. Lush Eye Lash Extensions

That’s right. This favorite look continues to dominate in the beauty industry, and we do professional eyelash extensions at our elegant Indianapolis hair salons.

New trends are showing lashes with texture by mixing multiple lengths and diameters, pre-made fans for super volume, and lower lash extensions for further pop.

Let our Twisted Sisters skilled technicians show you how eyelash extensions can enhance your eyes and simplify your daily beauty routine.

4. Red Lip Obsession

Think matte cherry lipstick, and be bold and beautiful. The trend is a hot one, and all you need are a pair of defined brows to balance the runway look. Red lips are cool, classic and never go out of style.

By keeping your eyebrows and lips the focal point, your eye makeup can be simple when slicking on red lipstick. It’s not heavy or dramatic, so you don’t have to feel like you’ve overdone your makeup.

5. Glam Gloss All Over

Lip gloss has always been fun and feminine, and the trend for spring 2020 is taking gloss to the next level with the glass face.

It’s a stunning makeup look achieved with clear face gloss.

Dab a little across your lids and cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and on your lips for a clear, radiant, flawless effect.

Don’t be shy when it comes to spring makeup trends. Try them on at our Twisted Sisters Indianapolis hair salons. Let’s have some fun in Westfield!