5 Rainy Day Beauty Tips to Keep You Dancing in the Rain

It doesn’t matter what corner of the globe you’re living at. When rainy weather starts happening, all that hard work you spent on your hair and/or makeup can go out the door.

Rain is a beauty enemy with humidity playing a key role. Moisture building in the air starts to mess with your skin and hair texture even if you’re standing under an umbrella.

Here at our gorgeous Westfield salon, our experts have 5 excellent tips to help you weather the pitter-patter of raindrops or the monsoon-like storms that can ruin your day.

1. Limit Hair Products

We know that it’s easy to overdose on the styling products as you try and perfect a look, but once you’re outdoors, things can go limp rather fast.

Here at our hair salon Westfield Indiana, we recommend using a light hand. Avoid heavy formulas like mousses or thickening lotions when humidity’s in the air. A light serum and dash of hairspray are your best bets against raindrops.

2. Dry Hair Before

Use a blowdryer and blast your strands, making sure that your mane is completely dry before heading out the door. Don’t leave your hair damp or almost dry because the dreaded frizzies will greet you almost immediately.

3. Braid Or Updo It

If you’re not keen on keeping your hair down on rainy days, then try a braid or the never-fail top-knot. Both styles are classicly chic and work with all kinds of casual or formal outfits.

If plaiting, avoid building up the dry volume and teasing as neither will last in the rain.

Instead, our Westfield salon stylists advise a clean and polished braid, and if your hair’s on the curly side, make a tighter braid to control its shape.

4. Oil-Free Skin

The moisture in rainfall is enough to leave an instant shine on any complexion. Start your day with a facial cleanser that has a gel base or features an alpha hydroxy formula. Either one will help keep your skin matte for hours.

Use a light moisturizer, and bring along oil-blotting sheets to de-grease during the day.

5. Primer/Powder, Please

Just because it’s raining out doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup. Apply primer all over the face and eyelids, and use powder to set your foundation and keep eye makeup in place.

There’s a reason waterproof mascara and eyeliner were invented. Use them on rainy days to avoid that smudged-eye, raccoon effect.

At Twisted Sisters hair salon Westfield Indiana, we keep you looking glam and pretty in any kind of weather. We are also incredible hair extensions experts. Contact us today for an appointment!