Winter can be a beautiful time of the year with falling snow, that chill in the air, and cozy sweaters and coats to layer as we head outdoors for fun.


However, the season’s harshness, dryness, and whipping winds can create all kinds of hair issues.


Here at elegant Twisted Sisters salons Carmel Indiana, our stylists are talented and on-trend with haircutting, hair coloring, and beauty treatments to take you through winter.


Here are five tips we recommend for winter hair care:


1. Put On A Hat


There are many gorgeous hat styles and materials you can choose from to protect your mane from losing moisture. Woolen fabric is something a lot of us wear, but we have an extra tip.



Wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your winter hat. The fabric is sleek, smooth, and will combat any hair static or possible hair breakage.



Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is another plus for your natural hair or hair extensions. It avoids snarls and any tugging of the strands.

2. Avoid Heated Tools


At our hair salon Carmel Indiana, we understand the amazing artistry that heated styling tools can create, but during wintertime, curling irons, flatirons, and blowdryers can cause further damage to winter-delicate strands.


If you can, air-dry your hair often, or blowdry only briefly, and try heatless curlers, for instance.


3. Apply Deep Conditioning


The outdoor elements can wreak havoc on your hair and rob it of precious moisture, and the same can be said of indoor heating during winter. To avoid significant dry-out, apply a deep conditioning hair mask weekly. Many effective formulas add shine, protect against breakage and infuse strands with nourishing moisture.


Most masks take about 15 minutes to do their stuff, then rinse, and your hair texture comes alive with smoothness and softness.


4. Buy A Humidifier


Some women swear by having a humidifier in the bedroom, especially during the winter season. It’s a great little machine for rehydrating the air for hair that shines and looks healthy.


5. Lift With Dry Shampoo


You don’t want to over-shampoo during winter, and when you hop in the shower, wash with lukewarm water and avoid steaming hot.


The pros at our hair salon Carmel Indiana recommend dry shampoo during the week. These incredible aerosol sprays bring limp hair to life with grip and volume. Dry shampoo can revive hat-hair, too.


Winter may be cold and snowy, but it’s scenically beautiful here at our salons in Carmel Indiana. Our stylists can keep your mane soft and shiny year-round, and we also offer the finest in hair extensions. 


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