We get it. Your dazzling ring and stunning dress take the cake on your wedding day, but your hair also deserves the spotlight. You have gorgeous options choosing bridal hair and makeup near me. Here at Twisted Sisters Salons in Westfield, it’s our mission to create the ultimate bridal elegance you dream of.


Boho Wedding Hairstyleswedding hair and makeup near me


 This is a huge day with all eyes upon you, but there’s no need to panic when you have excellent wedding hair and makeup near me. Our skilled hands can create gorgeous, long-lasting hairstyles and beautiful bridal makeup.


 Boho brides favor an earthy, ethereal image.


  1. Relaxed Ponytail. A low, loose ponytail with soft tendrils around the face makes a romantic vibe.


  1. Center-Parted Waves. Create a 1960s look with a middle part and soft waves accentuating the jawline. 


  1. Fishtail Braid. The fishtail braid consists of two main strands weaved together for an intricate result. 


  1. Hat/Loose Curls.


 Some boho brides wear a hat as the finishing touch. We recommend loose curls peeking from under the brim.


  1. Wild Curls.


 Show off naturally curly hair with untamed beauty; release your curly texture.


  1. Boho Chignon.


 When you choose salons near me, our skilled pros can french-braid the front of your hair back into a low twist for an elegant hairdo.


  1. Beach Hair.


 Iconic models like Gisele Bundchen and Cindy Crawford got married on the beach sporting free-flowing waves thanks to Mother Nature’s salty, windy air. 


  1. Milkmaid Braid.


 Our experts can make this look by creating two pigtail braids and then wrapping them up and around, crossing them over the top of the head.


  1. Messy Top-Knot.


 Make a high ponytail, twist the hair, and spin it around the ponytail base, continuing to wrap below the bun and secure. Pull out face-framing pieces.


  1. Sleek/Straight.


 Pin-straight tresses become the ideal boho bridal image. It’s unfussy working with any length.


Chic Wedding Hairstyles wedding hair and makeup


 Some brides prefer tradition from head-to-toe, and here at bridal hair and makeup near me, we can capture that glamorous, polished image.


  1. Ballerina Bun.


 The ballerina bun shows off your unique bone structure and draws the eyes upward.


  1. Vintage Updo.


 If you seek elegance from days gone by, the vintage updo is another classic often made with finger-waves. 


  1. Hollywood Glamour.


 It’s all about side-parted hair with bouncy, structured waves. At salons near me, we can complete the look with a classic Hollywood red lip.


  1. French Twist.


 Our hair pros will gather and twist the hair until it folds in on itself and then secure the style with pins, etc.


  1. Half Braids.


 We work with the top section of hair by making two, three-strand plaits starting from your temples. The braids are secured at the back of the head. 


  1. High-Glam Ponytail.


 A high ponytail with volume at the top gives your wedding day look a gorgeous image.


  1. Low Bun.


 When you want your hair off the face, the low bun is a beautiful choice showing off the nape of the neck.


  1. Half-Up, Half-Down.


 Kate Middleton chose this elegant do for her wedding to Prince William. The half-up, half-down bridal hairstyle is feminine and romantic. 


  1. Side-Part Waves.


 Another fab wedding look is the classic, side-part ending in a tumble of soft waves. 


  1. Pixie Cut.


 Not every bride has long locks. The pixie can be worn sleek or texturized. 


Wearing It Down Wedding Hairstyles


 Free-flowing strands are a favorite of many brides, and hair extensions near me are one way to achieve this super-pretty look. We take great pride in applying the highest-quality hair extensions for our clients. 


 If you’re longing for volume, instant length, brilliant color, and glamour, let’s talk.


 Meantime, here are our favorite Wearing It Down Hairstyles:


  • 1. Side-Swept Curlswedding hair and makeup
  • 2. Professional Blow-Out
  • 3. Mermaid Waves
  • 4. Bangs, Tousled Waves
  • 5. Big And Bouncy
  • 6. Sleek, Shiny, Center-Part
  • 7. Natural And Wavy
  • 8. Natural And Curly
  • 9. Off-Face, Long In Back
  • 10. Soft Glamour Curls


Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles


 Every bride is individually beautiful, and her short, striking hairstyle turns heads on her most important day.


  1. Classic bob.


 This sleek hairstyle allows every bride to look timeless.


  1. Voluminous Top, Short Sides.


 Talk about an edgy, modern look; this style creates lots of upswept, bridal options.


  1. Layered Bob.


 Cute, sassy, and lovely, your bridal image gets a lift with layers and movement.


  1. Pixie Cut.


 We mentioned this also as a chic hairstyle, and it never disappoints!wedding hair and makeup


  1. Hollywood Curls.


 You can create this elegant look with smooth curls on hair that’s above the shoulders.


  1. Retro Bangs.


 Make your short bangs the highlight a la Audrey Hepburn for instant sophistication.


  1. Messy Waves.


 Your lob can look modern and romantic with loose waves.


  1. Side-Part.


 Shorter bridal hair can amp up the glamour with a deep side-part to create a faux-hawk style.


  1. Small Fishtail.


 Have our stylists braid in a tiny fishtail in the back.


  1. Bouncy Ringlets.


 Get your curls on, and add some ombre highlights!


Adding Bridal Hair Accessories


 We offer the finest ideas for your bridal image in wedding hair and makeup near me. Also, we can suggest amazing hair accessory styles:


  • 1. Pearl Headbandeye lash extensions near me
  • 2. Standout Hairpin
  • 3. Beaded Bow Clip
  • 4. Embellished Crown
  • 5. Floral Crown
  • 6. Beaded Pins
  • 7. Bejeweled Tiara
  • 8. Matching Barrettes
  • 9. Crystal Hair Comb
  • 10. Vintage Chain Headband


 Congratulations! Your wedding day is the main event. Here at Twisted Sisters Salons in Westfield, we’re honored to play a glamorous role for you. Book an appointment with us today for bridal beauty and hair extensions near me!


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