Most of us hope for a good hair day, but when heading to the beach for some fun in the sun, you may start to worry about controlling your hair under any heat, humidity, wind, waves, and sea mist.


 Whether you’ve got short tresses, wild ringlets, pin-straight, or super-long hair extensions, the experts at our Twisted Sisters hair salons Indianapolis have some fab tips on managing your hair for a beach trip.


Wet Hair Looksalons near me


 If you’ve seen enough photos of Kim Kardashian West, then you’ll notice how the most famous reality TV star on the planet adores sporting a wet hair look.


 You can create the same style after taking a dip into the ocean, or you can begin the wet hair at home. Then, just add some styling gel to maintain the effect from day into night.


A Diva Wrap


 Every woman looks like a goddess with a beautiful, colorful, lightweight scarf tied on to protect her hand tied wefts or that amazing color job. Let’s face it. The sun’s powerful UV rays can do a number on your strands.


 A pretty scarf wrapped or tied around your head always works for the sand and surf environment. You can even wrap a scarf around a high ponytail or top bun for another great beach look.


 If you can’t find a scarf long enough to twist or wrap, then wear a hat with a big brim or a trendy bucket hat like Kylie Jenner’s been showing off.


 A hat is also especially effective at stopping your hair from getting too tangled if it’s a super-windy beach day.


Boho Babe ‘N Braids


salons near meWhen you’re excited to get hair extensions near me, Twisted Sisters has you covered! The incredible and talented stylists at our hair salons Indianapolis are ready to show you the glamour and ease with hand tied wefts and Hairdreams hair extensions. You will love your hair and the gorgeous volume and length to create some beautiful beach hairstyles.


 Let’s go bohemian and do it with braiding:


  • Fish-Tail Braid—timeless, mermaidy and sexy
  • Loose Pigtails—Coachella festival-pretty
  • Yarn Braid—decorative yarn woven in
  • Braid In Low Bun—braid at top, bun at the bottom
  • Simple Side Braid—face-flattering, glamorous


Flatiron Fabulous


 Before you head out on your fun beach road trip, you can begin some styling magic at home with a flatiron or curling iron and create those beachy waves you’ve seen on models like Gigi Hadid and Gisele Bundchen.


 You can easily achieve the style with your hand tied wefts by making some S-waves. Simply rotate the iron back and forth as you slide it down each section of hair.


 If you’ve got shorter locks, take a 1-inch curling iron and use the same technique to make these fab, loose beachy waves.


 By the way, don’t try for perfection. Beachy waves are perfectly asymmetrical. Then, spritz on some light hair spray, and get down at the beach.


Scrunchie Simplicity


salons near me Sometimes, all you need is a scrunchie to tie one on at the beach, and if you forgot yours, you can pick up a scrunchie at just about any drugstore in town.


 The great thing about the scrunchie is its versatility in easy breezy styling and its gentleness to the hair. The styling pros at our hair salons Indianapolis will always recommend being extra-kind to your hair whether you’re enjoying your Hairdreams hair extensions or your natural tresses, especially during the summer months. High heat and humidity can quickly damage the hair on top of chemical processes and heated styling tools.


 The scrunchie is pretty and practical and ideal for holding up your ponytail. High and slicked back or low and loose, the scrunchie comes to the rescue.


 Or tie on a scrunchie for a half-up, half-down hairstyle, or just make a high bun like model Bella Hadid often wears.


Post-Beach Aftercare


 When you return from your trip to the beach, your hair may be feeling a bit dry and rough-textured. An after-sun natural hair mask is easy to make. All you need is organic coconut oil to slather on and wrap in a towel for 20 minutes. Then, rinse it thoroughly and shampoo. It might take a couple of wash-rinse cycles.


salons near me Coconut oil is soothing for the scalp and a superb moisturizer. Apply it to dry hair, and to properly use it, we recommend warming the coconut oil so it becomes liquified. Rub it in your hands to lather it on the ends of your hair. You don’t need a large amount, either.


 Your hair will be soft and shiny with stronger strands.


 If your hair has taken on a blonde and brassy tone after sunning at the beach, there is a quick fix you can try approved by professional hairstylists. Take some aspirin and dilute it in some water and use the mixture as a rinse-off. It’s great at removing unwanted tones like yellow or green.


 Here at our Twisted Sisters hair salons in Indianapolis, beautiful hair is our passion at every length, texture and style. If you’re looking for hair extensions near me and want to try the amazing Hairdreams hair extensions, just book a consultation with us.


 Our talented stylists can help you achieve the hair you long for and help you maintain its awesome appearance. Heading for a trip to the beach should be a blast, and we hope our hair tips are helpful. Give us a call at 317-820-2369 or fill out a contact form to book your appointment.