what is balayage

Brunette hair can look rich and glossy, but there are times that darker hair can lack depth. One of the most effective techniques we use for soft, sun-kissed dimension comes in four key areas: 

  • Balayage
  • Caramel Highlights
  • Ombre
  • Bronde

#1 Balayage

What is Balayage?

In French, balayage means to paint or sweep, and that is how these subtle highlights are applied. Our experts will disperse highlights throughout your hair in a freehand painting technique. It results in a very natural, sun-kissed appearance that is generally applied to your hair’s top layer and away from the roots.

All complexions and undertones are flattered by balayage, and it’s a gorgeous way to change up brunette hair in a quick and non-damaging method.

what is balayage

The beauty of balayage is in its subtle but striking results, and it’s a customizable color option because your salon expert controls exactly where the color is to be placed. Best of all, you’re getting a gradual lightening because the action occurs away from the roots. In other words, your roots are never a telltale issue that screams “line of demarcation!”

Another great reason to choose a balayage session is for its economic value. You won’t have to rush to the salon for expensive upkeep. When balayage is done professionally by our pros at our Indianapolis hair salons, you could even skip a month, and the technique would still look amazing.

It’s a low maintenance hair coloring option that is appealing to many women. Balayage can typically get you up to 4 levels of lift in a single session, so it’s never an over-powering result. Learn more about Balayage here.

Brunette celebrities like Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Halle Berry, Naomie Harris, Chrissy Teigen, and Kim Kardashian West have all added a pop of sun-kissed beauty to their hair through balayage.

Balayage gives off extra texture and the illusion of movement to your mane. It also accentuates any waves or curls you may have.

Some of the balayage shades that our hair coloring services in Westfield Indiana offer include warm caramel, bronde, honey, light brown, copper, mahogany, etc. You get the idea.

#2 Caramel Highlights

Not a fan of Balayage? Try Caramel Highlights

If you are looking for something other than balayage, try these warmed-toned highlights to bring dimension and brighter colors to your hair, without damaging it with overly blonde or bleached tones. The undertones of caramel highlights are always a stunning complement to those with darker hair who are looking for a new and fresh hairstyle.

Caramel highlights are mixed to create a stunning golden, sun-kissed hair color that creates depth and brings one-toned hair to a new level. Most caramel highlights are a dark blonde color that is still a healthy option for brunettes. Caramel tones are also a great option for brunettes who would eventually like to try a lighter hair color in the future, such as blonde. Going straight from brunette to blonde is extremely damaging to hair and often takes multiple hair salon appointments to nail the finished look. Caramel highlights are a great first step to inching your way to healthy, lighter hair.

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#3 Ombre

In recent years, Ombre has been overshadowed by balayage, but that doesn’t mean the style is out of trend. In fact, we see many brunettes transform their hair into a stunning new do by using ombre. It’s still one of the most recommended hairstyles recommended by professionals!

Ombre is French for “shadow” or “to shadow,” which makes understanding this hairstyle much easier. Overall, the technique is meant to create a gradual fade of color, starting with a darker root and blending into a lighter end. The contrast between root to tip can be as dramatic as you want, whether a subtle fade or a dramatic statement.

If you are unsure what Ombre style is best for you, consult with your hairstylist. They will discuss options for contrast, and what you can best do to keep your hair looking healthy and strong while achieving the color you want.

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#4 Bronde

It’s a funny word, isn’t it? This option is for those looking to make a dramatic change to their hair and get closer to a light, dirty blonde color. “Bronde” is exactly what it sounds like- a combination of blonde and brown. The goal is to equalize the hair with 50% brown and 50% blonde. This results in a dirty blonde look.

The “bronde” technique is recommended for those with light brown hair, as it will be less damaging and difficult to achieve the look. Brunettes with a darker shade should first treat their hair for a lighter brown color before taking the extra step to bronde. But the finished look is ALWAYS worth the wait! Once you achieve the sultry bronde look, it’s extremely low maintenance and compliments nearly every skin undertone.

Bronde also looks extremely natural and is perfect for brunettes looking for a new summer do that’s perfect for both the beach, the city, and everywhere in between.


Let Pros Do The Painting – Twisted Sisters Salons 

When it comes to balayage, brunette highlights, or even Ombre, allow our Twisted Sisters colorists to apply these stunning highlights. We’ve been trained in this special technique and can help you attain the perfect highlight hue that goes with your skin tone, eye color, etc.

We love balayage because it’s low maintenance, and your brunette base shade will make it super simple for the grow-out. 

Also, we have tons of ways of using the technique to create fantastic hair results by brightening any dark base of brunette out there.

Balayage takes expertise to get it right and keep the lightener’s consistency the same for each area it is painted on. Even the right kind of “painting” brush used makes a difference.

what is balayage

Bring us a photo of highlighted brunette hair you love, and we will try and duplicate the look for you. There are many dark hair options to bring out that subtle warmth and awesome brightening to your mane.

Here at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon, go ahead and ask us, “What is balayage?”

We have the answer, and we’re also professionals in hair extensions and any other modern hair technique.

Trust us; we’re all about beautiful hair!