The winter season can be a lovely wonderland in cold areas that see snow, sleet, strong winds, and an occasional arctic blast. Wintertime is also enemy number one for most heads of hair as it ushers in dryness, a flaky scalp, and strands thirsting for moisture.

Add on top of that hot showers, blow-dryers, and other styling tools, and hair can snap off or look like straw.

Here at Twisted Sisters hair salon in Westfield, we’re sharing simple, inexpensive tips for maintaining healthy winter hair.


1.Massage In A Favorite Hair Oil

Jojoba oil, argan oil, or coconut oil are popular oils that add instant shine and nourishment to dry, lackluster ends. Simply add a drop to the palm of your hands and rub them together. Then, apply to the ends of your clean, dry strands.

You could also add one drop of a favorite oil to your shampoo, and rub your hands together until it’s mixed. Apply it to your hair and scalp, massage thoroughly, and wash and rinse as usual.


2.”Bounce” Back With A Dryer Sheet

You’ve heard of Bounce dryer sheets, well, save one for your hair, ladies. It’s an old, quick trick to zap away static-freaky hair.

Swipe the sheet lightly over your fly-aways or after you take off a woolen hat, and you’ll enjoy smoother hair.


3.Step Away From Constant Shampooing

We all desire clean, fresh hair, but during wintertime, too much shampooing leads to dull, dry strands stripped of essential moisture. Experts here at our Westfield hair salon recommend cutting back on excessive shampooing.

Use dry shampoo to give your scalp and strands a break and deliver volume, a fresh scent, and grip to your locks. You could also just condition your hair, and skip the shampoo for a less damaging treatment.


4.Put Down The Styling Tools

We know it isn’t easy, ladies, but the more air-drying you can do for your hair during the cold weather months the better. Hot tools can do a number to your mane and ruin it in seconds.


5.Go For The Glossiness

Refrain from full-head bleaching during cold winter air. It’s better to go darker or have our Westfield hair salon pros add a sexy glaze to your hair. A glaze is gentle and only sits on top of the cuticle. It coats the hair by boosting your natural hair color and delivers that head-turning glossiness.

At Twisted Sisters hair salon in Westfield, we’re all about the pretty when it comes to hair. Next time you stop by try our Trust Issues product from IGK that works as a scalp rebalancing spray treatment, which illuminates dry hair and combats itchy scalps. We understand how your hair defines your look, and we’ve got the experts to do it right. From lush hair extensions to awesome cuts and fabulous coloring, you’ll love the results!