Most women want hair that’s versatile, and yet, not every individual is blessed with “perfect” hair. That’s why hair extensions in Indianapolis and all across North America have become an enormous business. These beautiful hair accessories give women options in how they wear their hair and boost their appearance and self-confidence.

Summertime’s the best season for having fun, attending events, showing off the latest fashion, a bit of skin, and the best-trending hairstyles. If you’re dreaming of hair that’s got volume, the color you want, and the length you need now, then searching hair extensions near me is an excellent decision to consider. Here at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon, we’re skilled in the art of professional hair extensions and can make this happen for you!

Hand Tied Extensions, Easy-Breezy

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Who doesn’t dream of long, luxurious hair that you can style up or down whenever the occasion calls for an incredible transformation?
That’s the beauty of getting hand tied extensions (sew-in wefts) by our expert hair technicians:

  • No heat, no glue, and no hair damage
  • 100% real hair (and reusable)
  • Lasting for up to one year
  • Move-ups every 4-6 weeks
  • Seamless blending into the root of the hair

Tape-In Extensions, Another Fab Option

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We offer the finest hair extensions in Indianapolis, and tape-ins are another method for achieving that enviable luxe head of hair. They also feel natural and come in a lightweight quality while staying smooth and flat attached to your own hair. Like hand tied, you can wear your hair up or down.

Hot Gal, Summer Hairstyles

When you’re rockin’ super-long hair that’s shiny, full, and lush, you want to show it off, especially during summer when you’re going places, meeting people, and looking your finest. When you’ve made an appointment for hair extensions near me, you can walk out of our salon doors with a fantastic new look.

Rope Braid High Ponytail

Nothing beats spending time in the sun, heat, and by the water, but the elements can take their toll. Our professionals recommend putting down the heated hair tools and enjoying a cute braided style that lets you take off in a sexy convertible or set sail for adventure.

Gather your hair into a high ponytail, and secure it with an elastic. Next, divide the hair into two sections, and begin twisting both sections towards the right so they get twisted.

Cross the right section over the left section so they switch places.

Twist the two sections again, repeat until you get to the bottom, and secure the braid with an elastic. There are rope braid how-tos on YouTube for assistance.

Rope Braid Top Knot Bun

Here’s another classic hairstyle that’s simple to create. Again, make a high ponytail, and secure it with an elastic. Next, divide the ponytail into two sections, twist one around your elastic, and pin it with a bobby pin. Then, twist the other section, and pin it on top of the first braid. There, you’ve created a pretty top knot bun. This is another hairstyle that can handle the sizzling temps, coastal breezes, and any action-packed activities and stay in place.

Beach-Babe Beachy Waves

Create this hairstyle overnight so that it’s ready when you wake up and plan your day. After you get out of the shower, let your hair dry for a bit, and then braid it. The following day, take your braid(s) out, run your fingers gently through it, and be wowed by your heatless, beach-babe beachy waves.
Try this method: Divide your hair into four sections, and braid them all loosely. Secure each braid separately with an elastic.

Textured Mermaid Waves

A flat iron can achieve this next marvelous mermaid style. Begin by spritzing your hair with an excellent heat-protectant spray. Next, start “bending” your hair with the flat iron a few inches from the top of your head. To attain these incredible waves, make sure the bends go in alternating directions, and remove the flat iron from your hair before starting in a new direction.

Seal the look with your favorite texturizing spray to maintain your mermaid waves all day long.

Treat Them With T.L.C.

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Your hand tied extensions or any other kind of hair extensions give you instant length, volume, and lots of versatility in your hairstyle and beauty approach. However, they all need tender loving care or T.L.C.

  • Limit the use of hot tools
  • Embrace low-maintenance styles
  • Use a proper hair extensions brush
  • Don’t get sunscreen on tape-ins
  • Avoid chlorine in swimming pools
  • Shampoo only 2-3 times weekly
  • Invest in quality conditioning products
  • Visit us for hair extensions check-ups

Book an Appointment for Hair Extensions Near Me

Contact Twisted Sisters at our lovely Westfield salons for the ultimate hair extensions in Indianapolis. We’re trained and talented and love making every client look gorgeous!

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