Brazilian Blowout

Let’s be truthful here. The Brazilian Blowout is one of the most revolutionary hair treatments to date for smooth, glossy, healthy tresses.

If you are one of many women who struggle to manage their hair, then this process can change your life and last longer, especially if you take the proper care in maintaining your distinctive blowout mane.

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Here are some tips:


1. Sulfate-Free Shampoos

Don’t pop into the drugstore and grab any shampoo off the shelf. We strongly recommend only using clean, gentle sulfate-free shampoos to touch your scalp and strands.

Many shampoos are full of chemicals that can destroy the effects of your Brazilian Blowout formula.


2. Three Times Weekly

Don’t over-shampoo. In fact, we advise only washing your hair up to three times weekly. That routine will help keep your treatment working like it’s supposed to.


3. Hair Color Results

Timing is everything when you want to color your hair and get a Brazilian Blowout. Before the treatment is the best time to tint and have the blowout formula seal in your color.

If you prefer to color post-Brazillian treatment, then you need to wait for a couple of weeks or more. Your hair’s been coated with a protective protein layer and needs time to settle in. If you ignore this tip, then color results could look uneven.


4. Chlorinated Water Woes

We want you to enjoy a dip in the pool (chlorinated water) and hit the sun and surf by the sea. However, play safe and spritz on a Brazilian Blowout smoothing serum to protect your hair from the sun, ocean, and chlorine.


5. Do Deep-Condition

It’s good to spend extra time twice a month to deep-condition your hair. Look for a formula designed for Brazilian Blowouts to rejuvenate your strands by adding essential amino acids and moisture and keeping the dreaded frizzies away.


6. Hi, Heat Protectant

We all seem to be addicted to our blowdryers. To keep your mane looking shiny, smooth and healthy, spray on a heat protectant formula before you rev up your hot styling tools.

We can recommend unique blowout sprays that seal the cuticle and extend the Brazilian treatment’s effects.


7. Sleep On Silk

To avoid unnecessary friction to the hair, sleep on a silk pillowcase.

If you’re looking for an incredible Brazillian Blowout near me, then check out our two gorgeous Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon locations. We’re highly trained in performing this treatment. Schedule a visit, and we can give you the details of a Brazilian Blowout cost.

Updated 4/19/21