Brazilian blowout

Is your hair wild and hard to control with a life of its own?

If so, we can bet you have curly hair, but seriously, what’s not to love? Curly-haired gals don’t have to mess with curling irons, can wake up with bed-head and still look lovely and can achieve knock-out volume without abusing hot tools like blowdryers.

Here at our relaxing Westfield salon, we’re sharing “Five Simple Ways to Tame Curly Hair”:

1. Fighting The Frizz

Trust us; every head of hair can get the frizzies, but curly hair tends to battle it more because your strands are extra-dehydrated. Humidity is another condition that can cause frizzy freak-outs.

The talented pros at our beautiful Westfield salon have some suggestions:

a. Avoid shampooing daily because it can mess up the hair’s natural equilibrium of oils. Two or three times a week is sufficient.

b. Look for a smoothing hair cream or milk to apply to the ends and outer areas of your hair. Avoid leave-in treatments with harsh, drying sulfates, and silicones.

c. Switch to a micro-fiber towel or tee-shirt to dry your hair. A fluffy towel’s fibers can cause tugging and friction.

2. Using A Wide-Toothed Comb

Say no to the hairbrush because it will undo your hair’s natural texture and make it super-frizzy.

A head of curly hair does best with a wide-toothed comb with teeth spaced far apart. Also, use your fingers to untangle your strands to avoid knots and/or breakage.

3. Deep Conditioning Weekly

The experts at our hair salon in Westfield agree that curly hair is stunning but also needs extra loving care. We recommend a once-weekly deep-conditioning treatment.

There are a variety of deep conditioning curly hair products available. Apply this rich formula by smoothing it onto your strands after cleansing and leaving it on for up to 30 minutes.

Use the conditioner on mid-length to the ends. Avoid your roots so that you don’t weigh down your hair.

4. Scheduling A Trim

At our hair salon in Westfield, we’ll cut off the split or damaged ends and return your hair to its gorgeous bounce and manageability.

A hair trim helps maintain shape and healthy growth, and we’re specialists with curly manes.

5. Deserving Of Silky Pillowcases

Pamper yourself with elegant silk pillowcases. These amazing fabric fibers allow your hair to glide smoothly over the surface as you sleep at night. Silk avoids friction and helps protect your hair from moisture loss.

Here at Twisted Sisters in our luxe Westfield salon, we can’t wait to see you and create that perfect curly mane. Call us at 317.763.2020, or visit