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When it comes to the fall season, it’s time to “color your world!”

Autumn is especially exciting because new hair color trends are introduced. Here are some on-style trends that are expected to define Fall 2019.


1. Gingerbread Caramel.

Need we say more? It’s a toasty golden shade that delivers the best brunette, blonde, and a dash of red. Your hair will dazzle with shine and a subtle blending of triple highlights.

According to hair color experts at the best Westfield salon, this look will warm up any complexion and can be achieved via freehand palm painting.

Delicate red tones are strategically placed around the face to brighten your skin tone.

2. Rooted Citrine Blonde

Another fall favorite includes this low-maintenance golden shade. Actress Margot Robbie has been showing off the gorgeous rooted citrine blonde effects, and women want to copy the look.

The new trend avoids the single process upkeep and features delicate, golden buttery tones that help blonde-haired gals transition into autumn.

To achieve the dimensional look, color pros recommend starting at an inch to an inch and a half from the roots.


3. Chestnut Brown

It’s time for sexy brunettes to unite and add richness to their dark locks with the essence of chestnut brown. Think Priyanka Chopra because she’s a celebrity rockin’ the trendy, velvety lushness.

It’s a great look for fall and easier to create than it looks. Hair coloring experts from Twisted Sisters, of the best Westfield salon, would recommend a volume two developer. That will enable the natural warm undertones of the hair to come alive.


4. Rapinkoe

You don’t have to be a world champion soccer star to get in on this playful hair coloring trend. Women have been obsessed with the sassy bubblegum shade that Megan Rapinoe debuted during the season, so they named the color the RaPINKoe.

For fall, the hot pink craze is just getting started. To make the glamorous transition into colder weather, hair colorists are adding a touch of violet for non-stop depth. It’s modern, chic and so unique.

There’s nothing more exciting than trying out new fall color trends, and the hair professionals at Twisted Sisters Hair Salon are ready to bring it on. These hair color pros at our Westfield beauty salon have a passion for every strand of hair they touch. They understand skin tone, hair texture, and facial anatomy to create the perfect look for you. Are you ready to embrace these epic trends?