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We know you’re tempted, especially during this time when most of us are under lockdown, but please, do not dye your hair at home. Always leave this kind of hair service to the professionals because if you mess up, that beautiful head of hair may have to start over again.

Here at Twisted Sisters in our gorgeous Westfield Salon, we understand how you’re feeling about your roots, but allow us to explain how complicated dyeing hair is.

Here are our top four reasons to step away from the box color:


  1. Uneven Results

We all wish for the model’s stunning hair pictured on the box of color at the drugstore, right?

Well, it’s not easy attaining a perfect result of even color from root to end. As professional colorists, we call that issue “hot roots.” That occurs when you incorrectly apply the dye, and as a result, your roots turn a warmer reddish/orange color.

Great hair coloring comes down to chemistry and timing.


  1. Flat Color

Unfortunately, box color is pretty much a one-dimensional thing. You won’t get the impressive dimension that we can achieve for you at our amazing Indianapolis hair salon. When you visit us, we often blend a variety of shades and formulas with a strategy in mind for flattering results.

Every head of hair is unique and calls for different developer strengths and processing times.


  1. Harsh Chemicals

Just because they sell, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Buying a box of hair color and applying it yourself holds hidden disadvantages. For one, these D.I.Y. formulas have been made with some strong and potentially damaging ingredients.

Inexpensive box color contains low-quality stuff that remains in your hair’s cortex for months. Chemicals in high amounts of ammonia, P.P.D.s, nitro dyes, and metallic salts can all affect the texture and shine of your hair and create rough, dry, dull-looking strands.

Here at our Twisted Sisters Westfield salon, we only use professional-grade hair color.


  1. Costly Correction

Box color can create some frightening hair results and cause lengthy damage to even the healthiest manes. Then, your options are few. You may need a professional from our Indianapolis hair salon to fix the problem, and you could be looking at the big chop.

In other words, you may need to lose major length and regrow your hair. It is not worth the risk.

Hang in there, everyone. Know that our talented team of experts at our Twisted Sisters Indianapolis hair salon looks forward to caring for your hair. We have two convenient locations at 546 N Union St. and 202 N. Union St.

“We’re making Westfield beautiful every day!”