tape in hair extensions near me

Your hair is everything, right, ladies?

When you have hair extensions, whether they are applied with Laserbeamer Nano, Fusion, Tape-ins, Beaded, or Hand-Tied Wefts, these precious strands need extra attention to maintain their remarkable beauty, quality, and lifespan.

At Twisted Sisters, they specialize and partner with Hairdreams hair extensions. They also provide a wide variety of applications types/brands including Great Length, Bellami, and Babe Hand Tied Wefts. We’re experts in proper hair care to extend the longevity of your beautiful new locks. Here are our top four tips for caring for your hair extensions:


1. Sulfate-Free Formulas

Proper hair care begins with shampooing and conditioning and using the right kinds of moisturizing products. This step is critical because chemicals like sulfates and alcohol can strip your extensions and natural hair of moisture and make it easier for strands to tangle or become matted.

Haircare experts at Twisted Sisters Salon recommend using Hairdreams’ special formulated shampoo, conditioner and leave-in sprays, Ph and shine & Double Action conditioner when wearing Hairdreams. They also are loving Matrix Total Results Lengths. This includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, and a moisturizing protecting spray.

The Westfield Hair Salon also advises being gentle with your wet hair and not rubbing the extensions. The best method is to squeeze the strands to get out the excess water.

If you wear clip-ins, it’s best to let the hair air-dry naturally and avoid blow-drying, which can make them vulnerable to breakage.


2. Think Thermal-Protection

It’s hard to put down the blow-dryer, and we get it, but you want to spritz on a thermal-protectant spray before styling with hot tools. That way, you prevent frizz and heat damage.

When blow-drying, hair care experts recommend this technique: Begin at the root and the bonds, then continue down to the shaft and tips.


3. TLC For Combing/Brushing

When you choose to wear luxurious Hairdreams extensions, you want to adopt a routine where you’re using tender loving care every time you touch your hair. Never be aggressive with your strands and tug on the hair. Your hair care professional at the Westfield Hair Salon can show you the proper brushing techniques with their brushes made for your fabulous locks.

For example, straight hair requires careful brushing. The method to use is to hold on to the natural hair strands at the root. Then, brush gently from the tips to the root, and never pull.


4. Simple Nighttime Ritual

When you’re ready for sleep, brush out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb. Most importantly brush through your bonds and separate. Next, braid your hair in a single braid or two braids and secure the hair with a soft ribbon or scrunchie instead of a harsh tight elastic.

A braid or braids will reduce friction and stop any damage to the bonds that can come about with long, loose hair.

Hair extensions are our obsession at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon. Our Westfield hair salon professionals are Indiana’s finest, helping women everywhere feel confident and achieve that sexy head of big, beautiful hair!