Let’s be honest. Whoever invented highlighting was a genius because the technique adds brightness to your hair, the illusion of fullness and depth, and accentuates your bone structure and even your eye color. Also, highlights can look gorgeous on any hair color.

Not every highlight is the same, however, and styling experts here at our hair salon Carmel, Indiana, can help you understand the differences and incredible results of both the full highlight and partial highlight.

For example, when you ask for a full highlight, this technique focuses on your entire head and brings attention both to strands underneath and on the surface. If you changed your hair part, you would see more highlights.

A full highlight can be designed to both darken your hair or lighten it, and you can achieve some bold new looks with the technique. With the full highlight, your maintenance upkeep is greater. It’s also time-consuming to have the process done.

A partial highlight is more subtle and done to the sections of hair that make up the top half and top sides of your head. The technique can also focus on strands in front of your face. If you part your hair differently, however, your partial highlights wouldn’t be visible.

A lot of women like a partial highlight because the process can give off a sunkissed, natural lightened appearance. The technique can also create a delicate look of movement to your mane. A partial highlight is also more affordable and requires less maintenance than a full highlight of the hair.

Our friendly stylists at our hair salon in Carmel, Indiana, are more than happy to explain both services and to help you decide between a partial highlight and a full highlight. You don’t have to feel intimidated about either highlighting technique. Our experts are very knowledgeable about these popular hair services.

A highlighting process can be especially beneficial to women with thin hair and/or those with more than 50 percent gray hair. Highlights can add the look of volume and shine to limp locks. Highlights can also allow graying hair to blend more easily and to diminish the line of demarcation once the new growth starts appearing.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is admired for her beachy waves and sunkissed blonde hair. Her long-time stylist, Harry Josh, generously shared the secret to Gisele’s highlights: “It’s only highlighted with 20-volume bleach, which she does two or three times a year if I’m lucky!. She’s so low maintenance. There is no base break, etc.”

Here at Twisted Sisters, a high-end hair salon Carmel Indiana, we want you to relax and enjoy your hair experience. Full highlight or partial highlight, we can help you attain your best-sunkissed look.