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Ask any bride to be, and she’ll tell you that she’s got a lot on her mind for the big day. That’s why we believe an expert stylist is a must-have for your best hair day. Here at Twisted Sisters Westfield bridal salon, we can create that stunning look for you.

Check out our favorite hairstyles for the modern bride:


Elegant, Low Chignon

You cannot get more classically polished than the timeless low chignon. It’s an updo often seen at royal weddings. The late Grace Kelley wore a version of the chignon on her wedding day in 1956, and still, the hairstyle has inspired so many other weddings through the decades.

A classic low chignon is created with a low ponytail. Then, two strands are twisted into a loose rope braid to begin making the bun.


Glamorous, Long Ponytail

This is the modern hairstyle tennis star Serena Williams wore to the wedding of her close friend and royal Meghan Markle. Williams’s hair featured a glamorous, super-long, braided ponytail.

The long ponytail is perfect for your wedding day, too, because it shows off your face and bone structure. You don’t have to fuss with the hairstyle, and it can be braided, fishtailed, or left sleek and long.


Half-Up, Half-Done Style

Kate Middleton is an excellent example of the graceful half-up, half-down wavy hairstyle that flatters every woman. The Duchess of Cambridge chose the hairstyle that evoked formality in front with romance in the back.


Ballerina Bun Top Knot

Talk about an updo with timeless sophistication. To create the ballerina bun top knot, gather your hair into a ponytail at the highest point. Next, hold the base of the ponytail with one hand, and with the other, twist the hair around your index finger to the ends. Then, wrap the hair around the base of your ponytail and fasten an elastic band on top.


Totally Natural Curls

Not every wedding look has to mean sleek and straight. Natural curls seem to evoke romance and old-fashioned love. If you have curls, show them off, and have our stylist at the elegant Westfield bridal salon, apply the right products to achieve soft, shiny curls with movement that last all day and night.


Is there a high-end salon that does bridal hair and makeup near me?

Yes, indeed. We’re Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon, located at 546 N Union St and 202 N Union in Westfield, Indiana. Our clients rave about the total hair experience we provide, and our stylists are also hair extensions specialists.

Whether you’re walking down the aisle or just plain walking, our Westfield bridal salon makes sure all eyes are on you.