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Not only is springtime gorgeous when the colors pop, flowers bloom, and everything looks fresh and new, but it’s also the right time for updating your hair color and hairstyle.

Ladies, we’re at the beginning of a whole new decade, so shouldn’t we start shaking things up in the world of beauty?

Here at our elegant Twisted Sisters hair salon in Carmel, Indiana, we’re excited to bring you the hot colors and hot styles of the moment:


1. Pearly Blonde.

You’re going to love the dimensions of this super blonde shade, and we can create the look for you at our salons Carmel Indiana. The color is called Pearly Blonde and with good reason.

The shade is shiny and head-turning as it combines pearly silvery blonde strands with golden blonde strands for an unbeatable combination. Also, the upkeep is much easier to handle.


2. Apricot Red.

This luscious hue is all about the triple beauty threat with shades of strawberry, copper and apricot rolled into one.

Apricot red hair and blue eyes equal sexy Nicole Kidman vibes.


3. Smoky Ice.

When you want to switch things up and wow friends and strangers alike, try the Smoky Ice look. This icy silver hair trend is in, great for all skin tones and can be achieved with our hair coloring services Westfield Indiana.

Kim Kardashian West and model Jourdan Dunn have debuted Smoky Ice a few times now in a gorgeous lob hairstyle, and even when dark roots start appearing, the cool tones make everything blend nicely.


4. Curly Hair/Chunky Highlights.

If you’re blessed with a curly mane, good for you because the trending spotlight is on you. Stylists are adding chunky highlights like rich golden brown with honey highlights or a coppery base with golden highlights. The results are exquisite.

Please check out our hair coloring services Westfield Indiana for heavenly highlights.


5. Asymmetrical Bobs.

We love the bob, especially when it’s been messed with. Actress Naomi Watts has been wearing an asymmetrical bob with a solid baseline, and she looks amazing.

You can keep it sleek or add texture, change up the part from the center to deep-side, and you’re good to go.


6. Dua Lipa Bangs.

Oh yeah, this is a great look when you’re dreaming of some blunt, square fringe just gracing the eyebrows. Singer Dua Lipa wears them well, and it’s a strong look that you can play around with.

Our Twisted Sisters hair salon Carmel Indiana can easily create Dua’s bangs. We dare you to try the look.


7. The ’60s Flip.

Talk about lovely nostalgia; this iconic hairstyle is modern-day Jennifer Lopez perfection. Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian West do it beautifully, too, in the contemporary versions.

The Flip is now a bit flatter and sleeker and less flipped over on the ends.

Our incredible hair salon Carmel Indiana can create the look with a voluminous bob, a flipped-out high ponytail, or a half-up-half-down ‘do. It’s fun to imagine all of the styling possibilities.

A new season means a new ‘do and new color. We have two, elegant Twisted Sisters Beauty salons Carmel Indiana to make your hair dreams happen.

Let spring 2020 usher in a whole new perspective on hair, color, and makeup, and if you are excited to try hair extensions, schedule a consultation.

We are hair extensions masters and look forward to transforming your look.

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