Guide to Styling Your Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions remain one of the greatest beauty trends of all time, and it’s not hard to see why. When you choose a salon for hair extensions near me (Twisted Sisters), you’re getting the top experts in the industry to install these gorgeous pieces of volume and length for the ultimate mane.

Hand tied extensions or hand tied weft extensions give you tons of wonderful styling options. Best of all, these hair pieces blend seamlessly into your natural hair and texture. The attachments will not be visible.

Also, hand tied weft extensions are very popular for famous and non-famous people because these hair extensions require zero tape, glue or heat for application.

Here is our guide to styling your gorgeous hand tied extensions:

Set Up A Consultation

When you’re on the hunt for great salons near me, Twisted Sisters in Westfield, IN, can introduce you to the world of hand tied hair extensions and several other techniques. This is one of our fine specialties. We will ensure that you’re choosing high-quality extensions and that they are installed professionally. It takes experience, skill and a creative eye to deliver outstanding results.

Here are hair extensions that we adore using:

  • Bellami
  • Babe
  • Hairdreams
  • Great Lengths Covet & Mane
hair extensions near me
hair extensions near me

Don’t Skip The Heat Protectant

A lot of us enjoy blow-drying our hair, and when you’ve got lush hand tied hair extensions, you can make awesome volume and movement. However, like natural hair, we recommend that you protect your strands with the right products.

For instance, heat protectant spray is a must in guarding your mane from thermal heat and to add beautiful shine. The best way to use the product is to spray it on damp hair before blow-drying.

Use Exceptional Styling Tools

Here at Twisted Sisters, we use some of the best hot hair tools available, and we also highly recommend that you, too, invest in quality devices.

Some of the top brands we like that are dependable, durable and deliver salon-worthy results at home include GHD, Dyson, T3 and Hot Tools.

Also, purchase a hairbrush that’s been designed for hair extensions. A loop brush, for example, features unique loop nylon bristles that won’t harm the hair when brushing and removing tangles.

You never want to snag, pull or damage your wefts, and a loop brush helps you to avoid these issues.

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Try Several On-Trend Hairstyles

The beauty of hand tied extensions is in their versatility, so you can style your hair in all kinds of looks without worrying about the extensions showing or causing any damage to your natural locks.

Here are some favorite styles to try:

  • High Ponytail
  • Big Braid
  • Half Up, Half Down
  • Beachy Waves
  • Full and Straight
  • Low Braided Bun
  • Messy Top-Knot
  • Wash and Go

High Ponytail. For this classic style, flip your head over and brush upwards toward the crown, and gather your hair into a high ponytail. Secure the style with a bungee elastic or hair-tie.

Big Braid. Braids are timeless, romantic and chic and simple to achieve. You can also try a fish braid for added glamour. There are tons of how-tos on, etc.

Half Up, Half Down. Here is another stunning look to try with your hand tied weft extensions. You’re going to use your fingers to lift the section from the top of your ears upward. This will be your half up section. Looking in the mirror, pull a few strands down in front of the ear, and then tie the rest in a ponytail.

You can also braid the hair that you pulled back for another look or twist those sections away from the face for a pretty style.

Beachy Waves. If you have a curling iron, you can attain this style quickly and without a lot of effort. Beachy waves are glam, boho, sexy, etc., and look fab on every head of hair with some length.

It’s easier if you divide your hair into sections and begin curling small sections away from your face. Work from the bottom to the top. Then try curling wider sections of hair to switch it up, and allow your style to look imperfectly gorgeous.

Allow the curls to cool, and then lightly spritz with hairspray to lock in the style.

Full and Straight. The blow-dryer is your best friend for creating this classic, sleek look.

After that, you can take your flat iron to smooth the hair. Do not use the highest setting because it can be damaging to the strands. Instead, set it to 325, and flat iron in sections at a time starting at the back of your head.

Low Braided Bun. If you’re looking to achieve a classic and sophisticated hairstyle in mere minutes, then a low braided bun will serve you well.

Brush your hair and bring it into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure it with a hair tie. Next, make a classic, three-strand braid, and secure that with an elastic at the bottom.

Then, wrap the braid around the base of your ponytail, and secure it with a bobby pin or two.

Messy Top-Knot. Flip your head upside down, and pull your hair into a loose ponytail. Next, twist the hair, and spin it around the base of the ponytail, and keep wrapping below the bun. Leave the tail out at the end.

Then, secure it with an elastic and bobby pins.

You can also pull out a few pieces of hair that frame your face for a lovely, “messy” look.

Wash and Go. This one looks amazing on curly hair with hand tied hair extensions.

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply a mousse for curly hair, and start scrunching your hair with your hands.

Next, use a blow-dryer with a diffuser nozzle attachment and use this method:

As you place the hair on top of the diffuser, you’re going to use an up and down motion for drying the hair. This technique will encourage definition and create some major volume.

We all desire to have perfect hair, which is healthy, long, full, shiny and manageable. If you’re looking for hair extensions near me, look no further than our two, convenient Twisted Sisters beauty salons located in Westfield.

Hair extensions have redefined the way we think about hair and beauty in today’s modern world.

Our salon pros can help you attain the hair you dream of. Check us out on Facebook, and schedule an appointment today. Let the transformation begin.

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