You probably have a skincare routine, but do you also follow a hair care routine?

Here at Twisted Sisters Indianapolis hair salons, every strand matters. We’re all about beautiful, healthy, glossy hair, and it begins at home.

Here are our favorite tips:

1. Every Head Is Unique

We all have individual hair texture and type. You could have straight tresses or kinky, curly or wavy. Maybe you highlight, add single-process color or use heavy peroxide.

Is your hair damaged and delicate? If so, you may require extra hair treatments. 

However, we can all follow a basic hair care routine that benefits us all.

2. A Good Wash

To get rid of styling product build-up, dirt, pollution, and sebum, your hair needs cleansing. Shampooing or co-washing is fine, but every formula is different.

Expert stylists from our salons Carmel Indiana suggest a gentle shampoo in a sulfate-free line to avoid hair dry-out for frizzy locks.

Sulfate-free shampoos also help colored hair maintain its shine and hue.

Curly haired women can get great results from co-washes that avoid a big lather and smooth the hair with plenty of moisture.

Meanwhile, ladies with limp strands can gain some volume and control by using shampoos containing wheat, silk, or soy proteins.

A spritz or two of dry shampoo also offers grip to fine or limp hair and gives nice body, and allows you to cleanse hair less often.

3. Conditioner Essentials

You have tons of options here, also. There are quick rinse conditioners, deep conditioning masks as well as leave-in conditioner treatments. All are designed to nourish strands, add moisture, glossiness, and protection against breakage.

You can also seal by adding a cream or oil for dry strands that are usually curly or kinky.

4. The Detangler Step

Do you emerge from the shower with a head full of hair knots?

That’s why detangling products are advised. Have a wide-toothed comb on hand to gently separate your strands. You can also try detangling sprays that are kind to all hair conditions, including damaged and relaxed hair.

5. The Hair Trim

Of course, it depends on your hairstyle, but our salons Carmel Indiana stylists advise a hair trim every six to eight weeks on average for healthy strands.

It’s excellent for getting rid of split ends, damage, reducing frizz, and creating the appearance of thicker hair.

Here at Twisted Sisters Indianapolis hair salons, we want you to maintain the best cut, color, and styling on the planet. We’re highly skilled in hair extensions and every modern technique and hair care product that comes out. 

You can trust us with your hair. Call us today for an appointment!