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When you think of stars like Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lawrence, Mary J. Blige, or Amanda Seyfried, you probably notice their gorgeous blonde hair. Trying to keep blonde hair bright, shiny, and healthy can be a challenge. Here at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon in Westfield, our color specialists say that you can get more blonde for your buck when you leave our salon if you follow a few rules:

1. Stop Over-Washing.

We don’t want you to have dirty hair, but washing your tresses every day makes the color fade faster. It also strips your strands and can cause dullness and dryness. If you’re feeling greasy hair, then use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil.

There are wonderful dry shampoo formulas available specifically for blondes out there. Most smell heavenly and add volume and grip to the hair.

2. Lower The Heat.

Blow-dryers and styling tools can make life easier, but when heat is involved, it’s a hair destroyer when used in excess whether you have natural hair or are wearing our hair extensions of lush Brazilian color.

Always use a heat protectant spray to shield your natural hair or hair extensions from the heat. Don’t blast your mane at the highest setting.

3. Reach For Purple.

Buy a purple toner to tame any brassiness that crops up. Your blonde locks need extra loving care, and the purple shampoo will counteract the orange and get rid of the brassiness that can occur with blonde dyeing.

These special purple shampoos have been designed to maintain the blonde, bright coolness. It’s a color refresher.

4. Apply A Hair Mask.

Conditioning becomes a crucial step for keeping cooler tones with a blonde mane. In between salon visits, consider putting on a hair mask once a week to fortify your strands.

Peroxide can do damage to every head of hair, but a conditioning mask worn overnight will protect against breakage, too, and deliver silky, shiny strands for your Brazilian color.

5. Shine On, Ladies.

You could also try a light-reflecting spray formula that puts the wow back into blonde hair as the last step in your styling routine. A shine spray can be misted on to your strands to evenly and lightly coat your hair for amazing sheen.

A shine spray tames the frizzies, adds instant gloss, and illuminates your blonde appeal.

If you have naturally kinky hair, a shine spray with an oil base is excellent for nourishing the strands and avoiding dryness.

Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon looks forward to seeing you, and our hair care experts make it convenient with two locations, 546 N Union St and 202 N Union, Westfield, Indiana.

From hair extensions to Brazilian blow-outs and color treatments, we love doing it all.