How Do I Know What Hair Extensions Work Best for Me?

When it comes to gorgeous hair, it’s all about length and volume, and nothing can compare to a head full of long, lush hair extensions.

Many of us cannot always grow the healthiest natural hair for one reason or another, and you’re not alone. From Hollywood actresses to professional athletes to supermodels and the non-famous alike, hair extensions have become the answer to perfect hair that offers multiple styling options.

Here at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon, we are masters at installing tape in hair extensions at our Westfield locations. We are obsessed with HairDreams hair extensions and Great Lengths hair extensions and are happy to help each client achieve her crowning glory.

Why Women Love Hair Extensions

For one thing, you get instant hair you dream of with beautiful fullness, length, and shine, and it feels and looks like your natural hair.

Hair extensions allow you more time for other stuff. They are low maintenance and are available in a large variety, such as pre-styled synthetic and more.

You get to protect your natural strands and can try more hair looks with your extensions. You get a self-confidence boost when your hair is flawless.

If you’ve ever had a bad haircut and wanted to conceal it, the right hair extensions can seamlessly do the trick.

Hair extensions keep you in fashion with the latest hair trends and let you play around with color, highlights, texture, and personal beauty.

A Salon Consultation Is Your First Step

The best advice we can offer you is visiting a professional salon that determines the type of hair extensions best for your individual needs. Our Twisted Sisters professional hair team has an excellent reputation in everything hair, and that includes installing hair extensions properly for each client.

During a consultation, we examine the state of your natural hair, your lifestyle demands, the look you’re going for, and will recommend the best type of tape in hair extensions, tied hair extensions, or another technique that suits you.

HairDreams Hair Extensions

Talk about glossy, voluminous