It’s no secret that hair extensions have revolutionized the way that women can amp up the glamour, volume, and length of their hair in one salon visit. From models to athletes and the girl-next-door, hair has become a fashionable beauty accessory for all ages.

Of course, there are lots of hair extensions to choose from and many places to get them installed, but here at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon in Westfield, we’re supreme experts in everything hair extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions have quickly become the go-to method, and there are several reasons for their popularity.


1. Low-Maintenance

Tape in hair extensions not only look gorgeous, but they’re undetectable and lightweight, so you don’t even know you’ve got them on. Our haircare specialists recommend investing in a good quality brand and allowing only a trained professional to install them. After that, you’re good to go.

These kinds of hair extensions are long-lasting, and you don’t have to fuss with them because tangling, matting, or shedding aren’t an issue. At the 10 to 12-week mark, come in for a salon visit.


2.Least Damaging tape in hair extensions

Ask any woman about hair extensions, and she’ll ask what kind of damage to expect, but with beautiful tape in hair extensions, damage isn’t something to worry about. This method does not tug on your natural hair as other hair extensions do, and they’re quite comfortable to wear. The panels are thinner and only about an inch or so in width.

Clip-in hair extensions may seem tame, but if you have them in every day, you could develop bald spots from their heavier weight.



Who doesn’t like a product that gives good bang for the buck, right?

Tape-ins are cost-efficient when you think about it.

The panels can be reused about three or four times, and the process is quick, only taking about an hour or less in the chair.

The technique consists of pre-coating the top of the hair extensions with a medical-grade adhesive tape that your stylist places at the root of your hair. Trust us, they stay in place perfectly and won’t budge. There’s no braiding, bonds, or beading to deal with.

To reuse them, our hair expert will remove the hair extensions with a dissolvable tape spray, clean them, add new tape, and then re-apply them. It’s that simple, safe, and incredible.

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner is known for switching up her hair look often and has revealed that hair extensions are something she uses. Word has it that the dark-haired celebrity favors the tape in method for achieving that natural-looking thick mane that so many young women want to copy.

Let’s be honest. Hair extensions are fun because you can add versatility to your styling routine, and tape-ins come in just about any length you desire. You can also choose from a wide assortment of shades without coloring your hair. For example, you could add some sexy platinum highlights to add dimension and attention to your hair.

You can shower in them and go about your daily routine. Our salon experts recommend being gentle when shampooing. Don’t aggressively scrub your scalp and roots. The same goes for brushing your hair by being gentle at the roots.

If you’re wondering about a professional hair salon that does tape in hair extensions near me, look no further.

Here at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon in Westfield, we look forward to serving you. We understand how new length, volume, and color can instantly transform your appearance.

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Updated: June 9, 2020