Winter can be such a beautiful season, but when it comes to your crowning glory, whipping winds and cold, dry weather can be brutal and do the same damage to your hair extensions. Even the hot, comforting heat coming from your home’s interior can zap the life out of your strands, making them weak, dull, and limp. It’s time to step up your winter hair care routine, girls!


Volume, Length, Lushness


Our master hair technicians offer the finest in Hairdreams Hair Extensions at our relaxing, elegant Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon. Talk about luxury! Hairdreams only uses refined, hand-selected, 100 percent real human hair, and let’s face it. Hand tied extensions near me are one of the hottest hair trends!


Winter Hair Care EssentialsHand tied extensions near me


So, you have an enviable, gorgeous mane because we’ve installed Hairdreams Hair Extensions, but now you need to protect and nourish your stunning strands.


Like your natural hair, hair extensions are vulnerable to breakage, so you need shampoo and conditioning formulas that won’t strip your strands of their natural oils.


We highly recommend sulfate-free shampoos, and we can direct you to the brands we trust. Avoid products containing oils, extracts, hydrolyzed silk, wheat protein, or silicone. By the way, shampoo only a few times a week to avoid dry-out.


Also, when it comes to applying conditioner, always condition from mid-length throughout ends.


 Proper Hair Brushing Tools


You don’t want a coarse hairbrush with bristles or use aggressive motion. We advise purchasing a specially designed loop brush to get rid of tangles. We recommend a technique of brushing gently by starting at the ends and working up toward the scalp. Remember to get in the habit of going in a downward direction to preserve the hair’s natural direction.


Drying Your Hair Completely


Maybe you have friends who hop out of the shower, get dressed, and run out the door into the winter air with damp strands. Believe it or not, this tiny error can cause hair damage as the cuticle expands.


Instead, air-dry your mane if you can, and when you reach for that blowdryer, protect your hair extensions with heat protection spray. It will help create a protective barrier over the hair cuticle. 


Booking A Hair Trim Appointment hand tied extensions near me


Don’t skip your routine trim after having hand tied extensions near me. We’re happy to book that appointment at Twisted Sisters in Westfield.


Human hair extensions are just like natural hair. If the strands are regularly exposed to chemicals, heat styling, and environmental damage, they will split over time.


Enjoy the beauty that nature gives us during the winter season, and take care of your spectacular Hairdreams Hair Extensions.