Let’s say you just moved to a new community and are trying to settle in. Many of us have been in this situation before, right?

Then you look in the mirror at your hair and have a mini-meltdown!

How are you going to find the best modern hair salons near me that include friendly, skilled stylists who are at the top of their game?

What if you’re seeking hand tied hair extensions? Is there a talented expert who can properly do this?

Here at our in Indianapolis hair salons, we agree that those are important questions to ask. Of course, we are biased and consider our team and locations to be of the finest hair salons in Indianapolis.

Here is our advice on finding the best salon after moving:

Check Out Social Media

Today, many stylists and/or salons enjoy posting on social media photos of their work, information about the services they provide, client reviews and more. You can often find them on Facebook and Instagram.

For example, just log on, and then scroll different hashtags to find “hair salons near me”.

  • #IndianapolisHairSalons
  • #WestfieldBeautySalons
  • #HairExtensionsWestfield
  • #CarmelHairSalon
  • #BellamiHairExtensions
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Ask Around, Don’t Be Shy

We would venture that most folks are friendly in just about any community you’re in. If you see someone on the street, in a restaurant, at work or at the gym with gorgeous hair color, a stunning haircut or a hairstyle that knocks your socks off, go up to them and ask where they have their hair done.

We can’t guarantee you’ll always get a response, but we’re pretty confident that a sincere compliment will yield you the answer you’re looking for.

Word of mouth is often an excellent referral for business.

Interview A Stylist

When you’ve found a salon you would like to try, contact the location and set up a consultation.

If the hair salon is reputable and on their A-game, the stylists who work there will welcome any questions you may have about their location, the services they offer, the team’s background in cutting, coloring and special events such as weddings, proms, etc.

The salon should also be clean and feature a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere.

Innovative salons will also include expertise when it comes to hair extensions near me. Hand tied hair extensions, tape-ins, fusion, i-tip, and others have become very popular these days, and women are looking for modern hair options to enhance their natural hair and the pros who can install these amazing hair accessories.

girl with blond hair posing at salons near me
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Book A Blow-Dry

Here’s another clever way to see if your new salon and stylist have the right stuff.

We would recommend booking a blow-dry as a test. For instance, before you commit to a haircut, schedule a blow-dry. You can meet your new stylist, chat and see if you’re on the same page, regarding hair color, cuts, etc.

If the blow-out looks gorgeous, then come back another time for the cut or color or special event.

You Could Also Trust Your Gut

In other words, go by your instincts. Maybe you got a good vibe when you walked by salons as you settled into your new community.

Or maybe you enjoyed looking at a local salon’s coloring techniques such as balayage while you were on their Instagram page.

Sometimes, something just clicks and comes from your gut. Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts.

Above everything else, you want to feel comfortable, and if you feel it, you will trust your stylist, their talent and what they can offer you.

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salons near me

Become A Good Communicator

When you find the right hair salons Indianapolis and set up for a visit, learn to become a good communicator. Stylists cannot read your mind. Speak up and tell them what you would like.

If you really hate razor cuts or blunt bangs, for example, then say something. Your stylist or colorist truly wants to help you achieve your hair dreams, but you must let them know what you like, dislike and are looking for.

Check Out Their Prices

You can call the salon and ask them the cost of a blow-dry, full highlights, toner/gloss, hand tied hair extensions or corrective color, etc.

You can get an idea of the salon’s affordability and if that is a good fit for your budget and needs.

You could also check out their salon website and learn more details.

Let’s be truthful. It isn’t easy moving to a new town or city and meeting a new hairstylist and sitting in the chair for a cut or color or those dreamy hair extensions.

Here at Twisted Sisters hair salons Indianapolis, we take pride in every head of hair we touch. We want you to be happy with our services, and we try hard to deliver the finest in haircuts, color, hair extensions, etc.

We are professional, talented, modern, cool chicks who are eager to meet you. Give us a try!

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