You don’t have to skip your makeup game just because we’re all wearing a cloth covering to guard against the coronavirus these days. Life goes on, and you can still play around with cosmetics to achieve a gorgeous look. Your eyes become the focal point now, and our Twisted Sisters Salon experts have fantastic tips for creating unforgettable eyes!


Curl Your Lashes


This sounds so obvious, but some women never curl their eyelashes. Even if you don’t have time for makeup, curling your lashes with an eyelash curler will create larger eyes that appear bright and awake. Try it and see.


Apply Buildable Mascara Formulas


Whatever you do, for eyes that pop, use two different mascaras that offer buildable layering. In other words, buy a lash-lengthening mascara and one that provides thickening.


Apply a coat or two of each, and you’ll create larger and more defined eyes.


Consider Eye Lash Extensions


Unfortunately, not all of us were born with naturally long, full lashes and cannot get the look we want with just mascara.


In that case, try professional eye lash extensions near me. Here at Twisted Sisters Salon, our lash technicians are skilled, talented, and customize this process for each individual.


Our team offers a full set of lash extensions along with lash extension fills.


When you see these stunning eye lash extensions on yourself, you will be blown away!


Apply Eye Primer 


Here’s another fab tip. To lock your eyeshadow in place and allow the color to pop, try an eye primer on your lids before shadow. Pat on a little, and it will keep your shadow crease-free for hours.


Buy An Eyeshadow Palette


It’s fun to play with various eye shadow hues to change up your makeup game behind your face mask. Buy a new shadow palette and explore bold shades like sapphire, green, purple, etc.


Also, have some browns and other earthy neutral shadows to balance when you want a more subtle look. Matte and metallics are both great to have on hand.


Don’t Skip Your Brows


Your eyebrows also enhance your eyes and eye makeup, so make this another focal point.


Fill in your brows with pencil or shadow to add sculpting or to fill in sparse areas.


An eyebrow gel will seal your brows into place and give a polished look.


For now, a face mask keeps us safe from COVID-19, but don’t let that stop you from your pretty eye makeup.


We do hair, hair extensions, and beauty treatments at our two Westfield locations. If you’re looking for eye lash extensions, look no further.


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