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As women, our hair means a lot, and we don’t want to be boxed into any must-follow rules with each passing decade. We can look stunning at any age, and a flattering hairstyle is the icing on the cake. The talented experts at our Indianapolis hair salons are excited to work with you and to pass along some styling advice.

Check out our ageless hair ideas to keep you turning heads forever.

The Two Hairstyle Factors

Hair pros all over the world, including our talented stylists at our salons in Carmel Indiana, are taught about the significance of two essential aspects for each client.

1. Face shape.

2. Hair texture.

These factors play a role in determining the ideal haircut for women of any age.

We all have a unique bone structure, and that makes each of us special and attractive. Also, our texture helps determine what style our strands can hold and achieve in a cut.


When you’re in your 20s, you can get away with a lot as in hair color beyond the spectrum, funky styles, etc. Your mane is strong and will bounce back if an experimental hairdo goes awry.

30s—Set Your Look

Choose a hair look that meshes with your lifestyle. Long, short, or in between doesn’t matter. You can try a variety of lengths and styles.

40s—Amp Up Hair Care

You don’t have to go short because you’ve hit 40. Keep doing you, but take note of your hair’s condition because this decade can usher in damaged, dull strands.

We recommend good conditioning and layered cuts for added allure.

50s—Enhance Facial Contours

Again, you don’t have to go short. Here at our luxe Indianapolis hair salons, we can help enhance your lovely bone structure with piece-y layers around the face. Or you could go for the classic jaw-grazing bob for a fresh, modern look.

60s—Flatter Skin Tone

Many of us have silver strands by our 60s, and maybe you’re 100 percent grey. Some clients at our salons Carmel Indiana are embracing their natural hair and going for it.

We can study your unique skin tone and, sometimes, recommend a lighter shade that flatters your complexion.

70s—Short, Long, You’re Chic

English actress Helen Mirren, 74, continues knocking it out of the park. Sometimes, she sports a cool pixie with bangs.

Beloved star Goldie Hawn enjoys a longer hairstyle with signature “curtain” bangs.

You can experiment and see what enhances your features.

We enjoy making clients of every age look stunning. Contact our beautiful Indianapolis hair salons for a consultation. We’re also masters at hair extensions.

Isn’t it time for a little pampering, ladies?