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While many businesses and stay-at-home orders extend across the country, many partners, spouses, and families are tip-toeing around the idea of a home haircut. When the world reopens, there’s no doubt our summer hair trends will be a bit different than we originally anticipated. If you’re getting ready to test your first haircut on a family member, Robbie Webster, owner of Twisted Sisters Hair Salon, offers some pointers for those diving into the world of home haircuts. Let’s get started!

Tips for Cutting a Fade Haircut at Home

Step one: Get the Tools 

First, it’s essential to have quality hair tools and scissors. Luckily, you can find them easily online. Robbie recommends WAHL Rechargeable Clippers, which you can find here.

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Step Two: Once you have the trimming kit, start with the neckline and the back of the head. Put on the #1 guard, and begin trimming the hair around the nape of the neck and around the ears.

Step Three: Next, move up to the middle section of the head and replace the #1 guard with the #2 guard. Continue trimming the midsection, leaving the longest hairs on the top of the head for last.

Step four: Once the midsection is complete, replace the #2 guard with the #3 guard, which should be used for the longest hair. Run the trimmer through the hair at the crown and front of the scalp.

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That’s it! Make sure to clean the neckline and you can use a pair of scissors to cut any stray long hairs left behind.

Need Hair SOS When This is All Over?

Sometimes, cutting hair isn’t everyone’s forte. That’s okay! Twisted Sisters Hair Salon is OPENING Monday, May 11th and our team of stylists is ready to help you and your family tame those wild locks. Call our Westfield salon to set up an appointment or fill out our online booking form here.