Summer Care Tips for Your Hand Tied Extensions

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It’s summertime. The weather is lovely, you’re livin’ your best life, and your hand tied hair extensions are looking luxe and spectacular. You’re doing your best hair flip! Don’t forget, however, that wefts need some TLC from the heat and humidity and any water activity. Our expert stylists are sharing some of their favorite tips:

Applying a Sunscreen

We’ve all been schooled in the value of sun protection and the SPF numbers. It’s a good thing to wear, but be careful how you apply sunscreen because the chemicals can ruin hair extensions. Some of these formulas contain color-altering compounds and can stain your extensions.

If you can, avoid sunscreen containing Avobenzone and Octocrylene. Our pros recommend using a mineral-based sunscreen and tying your hair up before applying it. Also, always wash your hands after applying sunscreen before you touch your hair.

Going for a Swim

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The advantage of having fabulous, hand tied weft extensions is that they last for months and blend seamlessly into your natural hair. Some clients wonder if they can still enjoy water activities. Yes, you can. The pool, the beach, or the lake often goes hand-in-hand with summer fun and recreation. However, saltwater and chlorine can weaken your wefts. The talented experts at hair extensions near me have advice. One of these tips will work for you:

  • Wear a swimming cap
  • Wet your hair (tap water) and add conditioner before swimming
  • Rinse your hair ASAP after swimming
  • Wash your hair after with a clarifying shampoo
  • Use a detangling brush or wide-toothed comb to remove knots

Sleeping With Wet Hair (Never)

If you have volume weft, hand tied weft, genius weft, machine sewn weft, or flex weft extensions, it’s essential that you have a dry head of hair before going to bed. It’s okay to air-dry, but the top of the weft line matters. Our professional stylists here at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon recommend blow-drying the top of your wefts to remove all moisture. If you get lazy about it, these gorgeous, hair extensions can grow mold.

Also, going to sleep on wet or damp extensions can cause matting. It can be difficult to remove. We suggest, after drying, making loose braids or a couple of high buns. Sleeping on a luxurious silk or satin pillowcase is helpful because the fabric is moisturizing and reduces hair friction.

Rocking a Pretty Hat

Here’s another option when you’re having a blast in the summer sun. The humble hat is an excellent hair protector, and there are multiple benefits. For one, a hat shields you from the powerful UVA/UVB rays that can weaken the structure of your strands. The sun can rob your hair of its natural moisture and damage its natural protein.

A pretty hat and/or scarf can guard your hand tied extensions and keep them looking their best. Make sure that the hat isn’t too tight, which can cause friction against your extensions. A hat that is a little larger for your head will feel comfy and be able to accommodate your thick, long locks.

Ditching the Hot Tools

Blow-drying is acceptable to use on your wefts, but try to avoid other hot tools, especially during the summer season. Flat irons and curling wands can be destructive to your gorgeous hair extensions whether they are sew-in wefts, tape ins, k-tips, or I-tips. It’s a heat overload and can also be damaging to your natural hair. If you must pick up hot styling tools, prep with a heat styling spray first.

You never want to add unnecessary strain to your scalp. Always consult our certified professionals for advice on hair extensions near me. They are invested in creating healthy, beautiful hair for each amazing client.

Creating Cute Summer Styles

You can still look fab without heat styling. The high ponytail is a classic. Or try the ultimate fishtail braid, which can work with a variety of summer occasions.

Some celebrities are wearing the half-up and half-down style with their hair extensions. There is also the sophisticated chignon. Play around and have some fun.

Boasting About the Pros of Hand Tied

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Who doesn’t dream of longer, fuller, and more voluminous hair that looks 100% natural?

Hand tied extensions are the answer, and clients rave about them because of the unlimited styling possibilities. No one can detect them, either. In addition, there’s no tugging of the natural hair, roots, or scalp when the proper installation is performed.

Stunning hand tied wefts are perfect for those sunny days and evenings when you want to pull off a glamorous appearance. They can handle the steamy temperatures and an individual’s active lifestyle.

If you’re searching for the best hair extensions near me this summer, the solution is easy-breezy. Book an appointment today with our talented and certified professionals at Twisted Sisters. We have two convenient locations in Westfield, Indiana.

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It’s your time to shine and turn heads!