what is balayage

Many of us long for that effortless, elegant look of golden highlights and hair that’s been tossed about by the sun and surf when it comes to summertime. It’s sexy and the ultimate hairstyle for those sultry days and nights. Think of model Gisele Bundchen, and her long, wavy hair comes to mind. Now you, too, can achieve the look from our experts here at Twisted Sisters’ Westfield salon.

Beachy Waves Without Styling Tools

You don’t always need the heated tools to create signature “soft waves and straighter ends.” In fact, all you have to do is spritz on your favorite styling lotion, make two braids, and allow your hair to dry.

Or you could also layer a few serums or lotions before braiding. Sea salt spray works wonders on fine hair and results in excellent texture. You could add dry shampoo and hairspray for extra “beach-tastic” waves.

Flatiron Quick And Fantastic

Our Westfield salon stylists also recommend using a flatiron to deliver that lovely, imperfect mass of hair. Don’t be afraid of an asymmetric look. Beachy waves are not a structured hairstyle.

A flatiron is terrific at “bending” into the hair to create the look. To make S-waves, just rotate the iron back and forth as you slide it down each section of hair.

You could also use a curling iron to wrap hair around for soft, enviable waves.

You can still make loose beachy waves with short hair and a 1-inch curling wand using the same techniques.

From Ponytail To Luscious Waves

Here’s another excellent tip for scoring the perfect beachy waves for your long mane when you only have a few minutes and a curling wand.

We recommend putting your hair up in a high ponytail and applying a little styling shine serum. Then, divide your ponytail into two sections.

Start winding big pieces of hair around the iron and hold for a few seconds. Make about four curled pieces for the two divided ponytail sections.

Remove your elastic, and gently brush out your waves.

Balayage – The Sunkissed Technique

What is balayage?

That’s okay, we’ve got all the details. Our pros are obsessed with the French hand painting method, and yes, we do it very well.

This is the gorgeous technique that uses a small brush with a sweeping motion to apply sunkissed color to your hair. It achieves that beachy result of soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends.

Now you know exactly “What is balayage?”

Sunkissed and beachy waves make for sexy summer hair. Contact us today at Twisted Sisters at our Westfield Salon. Let us create the sun goddess in you!