wedding hair and makeup near meUptown, downtown, indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter where you say “I do,” but one thing’s for sure, every Indiana bride wants to look her best and feel confident on her wedding day. When you’re looking for exceptional bridal hair and makeup near me, consider our Twisted Sisters Salon in beautiful Westfield. We have the experience, artistic eye, and passion for this special occasion, and we can’t wait to work with you!


Here are our best wedding day tips on achieving the bridal “wow” factor:


  1. Step-Up Your Skincare Routine 


We don’t have to tell you how extremely important your complexion will become on your big day. Begin a few months in advance to maintain clear, soft skin. If you know your skin type well, you can find over-the-counter formulas that exfoliate, hydrate, and encourage collagen production.eye lash extensions near me


A dermatologist can also advise the best products for a radiant complexion.


Indiana salons also offer beauty treatments. For example, here at Twisted Sisters, we offer acne facials, advanced anti-aging facials, and glycolic/lactic acid peels for gorgeous skin at any age. We can help you start prepping your complexion for that walk down the aisle.


  1. Check Out Red Carpet Inspiration


If you’re excited about your wedding day look but aren’t sure how to describe it to stylists when you visit for bridal hair and makeup near me, bring celebrity photos.


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Bringing magazine pictures, Instagram photos, or even pictures printed off a website can foster conversations about your desired look. We like to see where our brides-to-be are getting their beauty inspiration from, and the Hollywood red carpet is the perfect place for ideas.


You may admire an elegant, braided chignon or a glamorous cat-eye makeup you see on a celebrity. Show us what you hope to achieve.


  1. Have A Hair Removal Strategy


Consider monthly waxing to take care of everyday annoyances like upper lip peach fuzz or any unwanted hairs.


If you’re planning on having your bikini line waxed, begin the process at least three months before the wedding. Everyone’s skin is unique, and that’s a sensitive area, so you don’t want to risk any irritation or discomfort close to your wedding day.


  1. Try Lovely Lash Extensionseye lash extensions near me


All eyes will be on you on your big day, so make sure your own eyes look gorgeous, defined, and large.


Mascara gives beauty and glam to the eyes, but sometimes, the tears start rolling (in a joyous way), and the thought of smearing your makeup is something most of us dread.


For awesome eye lash extensions near me, consider our Twisted Sisters Salon. We offer stunning eyelash extensions to put that pop into your peepers. You can wake up every day to long, lush, dark eyelashes and forego the mascara and lash glue.


We also feature brow and lash tinting.


  1. Do A Makeup Test Run


eye lash extensionsWedding hair and makeup don’t have to be a hassle. Find a makeup salon that takes great pride in their talent, artistry, and makeup for special events.


As a bride, you want your cosmetics to enhance your unique attractiveness. 


Sit down a couple of months in advance and start trying out makeup styles to determine your favorite look for your wedding. 


  1. Create The Perfect Bridal Hair


We get it. Your hair matters not only every day but especially on your walk down the aisle. We have tons of excellent options to consider when scheduling an appointment with our hair and makeup wedding Indianapolis professionals.


We do it all! From Brazilian blowouts to haircuts, balayage to highlights to ombre to all-over color to toner and gloss, your hair can be the star of the show.brazilian blowout near me


We’re also masters at hair extensions, and this is another fabulous idea for wedding day hair. Our skilled technicians know their business and can help you determine the perfect hair and makeup wedding Indianapolis looks for you, including hand-tied, taped in, fusion, i-tip or laser nano beamer hair extensions.


Today, hair extensions’ quality and technology are exceptional and a gorgeous, lush hair option for your wedding day with multiple styling possibilities.


  1. Get That Glow On The Safe Way


If you’re determined to become a sun-kissed goddess for the day you say “I do,” you can hit the tanning beds, apply a gradual self-tanner, or get a spray tan.


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We don’t recommend heading to the beach before your wedding because you could get burned or develop an uneven tan.


Having your tan in place before your wedding makeup preview session is a good idea to try out different cosmetics looks.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Touch-Up Bag


You have tons of details right up to your wedding day, but this little tip is important.


Bring along a touch-up bag to freshen up your cosmetics and hair. We know you’ll look perfect, but after a few hours of dancing the night away, toasting, hugging and kissing, every bride could benefit from a little touch-up.


It’s a big day, and we’re here for you. When it comes to wedding hair and makeup near me and eye lash extensions near me, book an appointment with Twisted Sisters Salon. Let’s take your bridal beauty to the ultimate level!

wedding hair and makeup near me