westfield hair salon

Every head of hair is in this together as we stay at home, hunker down, and do our part to remain safe and healthy.

Here at our beautiful Twisted Sisters Westfield hair salon, we get it, ladies. Darn those roots, right?

It’s time to be creative and to do it without damaging your hair. Keep reading for our recommendations:


  1. Waterproof Mascara

Don’t laugh. That tube of brown or black mascara can be quite the versatile beauty aid, especially in times like these. If you’re annoyed by your gray roots peeking through, you’re not alone, and you can quickly conceal them in sheer seconds.

This is an old and inexpensive trick. Waterproof mascara applied only to the gray roots serves as an instant root touch-up for both women and men.


  1. Lightening Spray

This is a hair product by famous salon master John Frieda that helps our blonde-haired friends. Lightening Spray is used with your favorite heated styling tools like your blowdryer to lighten your new, darker regrowth and lessen the contrast between your highlighted/bleached hair and your new growth.

The high-tech formula features a blend of chamomile and citrus, and the exclusive peroxide lightening formula gradually lightens radiant blonde tones after 3–5 uses.


  1. Temporary Root Concealer

When you can’t stand your roots anymore and want something that works and can maintain healthy strands, here’s another simple, fast, and effective root eliminator.

At our fabulous Westfield hair salon, our pros give L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Precision Pen the thumbs up be