Curly hair is gorgeous because you have lots of options in how you style it. However, curly manes need special attention to maintain their bounce, shine, and healthiness. Our haircare pros here at Twisted Sisters hair salon in Westfield have fab tips for keeping those curls on point year-round.

Fall Hair Care

Fall and winter are beautiful seasons, but they usher in cooler, dryer weather, and that means you should tweak your hair care routine to factor in the unavoidable moisture loss.

Go Deep—Conditioning

Curly locks can suffer from breakage and brittleness, especially when the temperatures drop. Now’s the time to deep condition, and our stylists can recommend the proper treatments.

Conditioning two or three times a week will help you maintain moisturized curls. If you add steaming, your hair will absorb the benefits and allow the deep conditioning to penetrate further.

Try Co-Washing

Co-washing formulas don’t contain the lather we all crave, but these products have their own way of gently cleansing your hair while maintaining its hydration.

Many products are available for co-washing curly tresses, and fall and winter are good seasons to add a co-washing routine.

Seal Those Ends

You could also do what some curly haired gals prefer and protect your ends with a leave-in oil or cream.

This step ensures that your hair does not become affected by the dry, cold weather or indoor heating by locking in your conditioned strands.

Spring Hair Care

Before you know it, spring drops by and then the sultry days of summer. For curly-haired chicks, frizziness is never your friend, say our amazing stylists at our hair salon Carmel Indiana.

Don’t worry; you can manage it.

Humectant Shampoos

Now that it’s warmer, try shampoo formulas with wheat protein, glycerin, and panthenol. When you rinse, go for the cool setting. This closes your cuticle strands and sends in the shine!Also, protect from tangles/breakage and don’t shampoo often. Every seven days is better.

T-Shirt Drying

Pick up a tee shirt towel, and give the high-friction terry cloth to someone else. The cotton fabric is absorbent and safely dries curly strands without damage or frizz.

Tee shirt towels effectively lock in essential moisture.

Less Heated Tools

Hot weather plus heated hair tools can equal a recipe for curly-haired disaster. Our hair salon in Westfield recommends wrapping your wet tresses in foam rollers or twists. Let your curls air-dry naturally.

Curly hair is beautiful but can suffer from extra frizz/breakage. Our elegant, relaxing hair salon Carmel Indiana can get your hair under control year-round. Book an appointment today!