Welcome to another insider guide from your favorite hairstylist, Robbie Sue! Today, we’re diving into my top 6 essential after-care tips for your hair extensions. Extensions are a fantastic way to add length, volume, and even a splash of color to your hair; however, to keep them looking salon-fabulous, sleek and healthy, you have to be committed to giving them a little extra TLC. Here are my top six at-home hair extension care tips, featuring some of my favorite tried, tested and true products to keep your extensions in top-notch condition between salon visits.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Just like your natural hair, extensions thrive on moisture. Using a hydration-focused shampoo & conditioner combination is critical for maintaining the softness and shine of your extensions. 

I highly recommend the Amika Hydro Rush Shampoo & Conditioner for a combination that prioritizes moisture without weighing your hair down. The Hydro Rush line is infused with hyaluronic acid and squalane which promote intense hydration benefits, reduce potential breakage and ensure your locks stay luscious and healthy under almost any circumstances.

Another great option is Kevin Murphy’s hydrating line. Hydrate-Me.Wash & Hydrate-Me.Rinse are both products specifically designed to infuse your hair with the moisture it needs without sacrificing volume. This line is infused with hydrating antioxidants to repair and restore the natural glow to your hair. This is the perfect option for especially parched locks and those of you that live in unusually dry or harsh climates that suck the natural moisture out of your skin and hair. 

Your extensions will thank you for the hydrating boost when you choose either one of these moisturizing shampoo & conditioner combinations. 

Top 6 Ways to Care For Your Hair Extensions | Robbie Sue2. Oil Them Up

Hair oil is your best friend when it comes to caring for your extensions. Just like those intensely hydrating shampoos and conditioners, daily hair oiling prioritizes hydration and encourages your hair to lock in necessary moisture in order to stay healthy, soft, and supple. Your extensions will thank you for thinking of them! While you may be able to get away with less frequent oiling routines with just natural hair, I recommend daily hair oiling for a noticeable difference in the quality and longevity of your extensions. 

My two favorite hair oils are Amika’s Water Sign or Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again. A daily touch of either of these two products will keep your extensions looking glossy and healthy. Just a few drops can prevent tangles and add a boost of shine that will make your hair stand out, look fresh, and feel beautiful.

Amika Water Sign | Kevin Murphy Young Again

Top 6 Ways to Care For Your Hair Extensions | Robbie Sue

3. Protect From Heat – IGK

I know we all love styling our hair, but excessive heat is the enemy of your hair extensions. To keep them safe during styling, I always recommend using a heat protection product. 

The IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray offers heat protection and a keratin-like treatment all-in-one. This spray provides 24-hour frizz control and offers heat protection for up to 450°F, ensuring the utmost care for your extensions during your heated styling process and providing the shiniest, smoothest results. Worry no more about damaging your extensions with this dynamic, multi-purposed product. 

For impressive hold and extra protection, the IGK “1-800 Hold Me” Hairspray is a great addition to your styling routine. This product can be used in addition to the smoothing spray, as it is a new and ingenious take on the traditional hairspray product. This product promotes volume and flexibility over the common stiff, tacky results of traditional hairsprays. It is designed to be misted over your finished hairstyle, provides additional heat protection of up to 450 degrees, is UV protectant, and is lightweight without sacrificing quality and overall hold.

IGK Good Behavior | IGK 1-800 Hold Me

Top 6 Ways to Care For Your Hair Extensions | Robbie Sue

4. Sleeping on Silk

Where you lay your head heavily impacts your skin, natural hair, and hair extensions! Switching to a silk pillowcase and wearing silk pajamas can prevent the rough friction common of other clingy fabrics that ultimately leads to tangles and breakage. Silk’s smooth surface helps keep your hair’s cuticle layer intact, promoting a healthier and longer extension life.

There are plenty of great silk pillowcase options, but not all silk is created equal! To learn more about the benefits of silk for your hair and skin, check out my 100% Silk Organic Mulberry Pillowcase product review. You’ll find a great pillowcase option there, or check out the link below for another, slightly more budget-friendly product option.

Silk pajamas are another step you can take to ensure the best possible care for your hair extensions. With long, luscious, extensions, your hair falls down your back and inevitably rubs against whatever night clothes you choose to wear. Silk pajamas can help combat that natural friction, and it is great for your skin, too! For cute, trendy, silk pajamas, check out my link below.

Silk Pajamas | Pillowcase

Top 6 Ways to Care For Your Hair Extensions | Robbie Sue

5. Styling Tools

The right tools make all the difference. For styling hair extensions, I cannot overstate the impact and quality of the Bio Ionic line, which, with its moisturizing heat technology, is entirely unbeatable. Their tools provide heat control and promote moisture retention, which is vital for the health and longevity of extensions and allows you to style without damaging. I can say with certainty that these tools are the healthiest way for you to style your hair!

The link below will show you all of my favorite heat-based styling tools, including the Bio Ionic line and beyond. 

Shop Bio Ionic Tools

Top 6 Ways to Care For Your Hair Extensions | Robbie Sue

6. Brushing with Care

Lastly, gentle brushing is essential. Brush your hair twice daily with a quality hairbrush and a good detangle spray. 

I love the Wet Brush Pro Detangler for quality, comfort, minimized damaging impact, and effective detangling. This brush is lightweight, compact and works tangles from your tresses without pulling, pain, and causing additional breakage. 

I love the IGK Good Behavior 4 in 1 Prep Spray. This product not only provides exceptional detangling benefits, but also 24-hour frizz control, up to 450°F heat protection, and additional shine. Start from the ends and work your way up gently to prevent any pulling or strain on the extensions.

Wet Brush | IGK Detangling Spray

Things NOT to Do with Hair Extensions

  • Avoid products with sulfate, keratin, and protein as they can harden extensions, leading to breakage. This includes shampoos & conditioners!
  • Never go to bed with wet hair! Sleeping on wet hair can cause matting which ultimately leads to breakage and damage.
  • Avoid heat-based styling tools that reach temperatures over 300°F.
  • Never brush your hair too aggressively, especially without a good detangler!
  • Don’t leave your hair down in wind and water! Secure your hair with a cute scrunchie, clip, or coil hair band to protect those locks and make a statement. My favorite bobble hair tie is linked here: Bobble Hair Tie
  • Never sleep on rough fabrics (anything other than silk) that may lift the hair cuticle and cause excessive damage to delicate extensions. Check out my silk pillowcase review here
  • Avoid sunscreens with the following active ingredients:
    • Avebenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane), which is an oil-soluble ingredient used in sunscreen products to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays.
    • Octocrylene, which is added as a stabilizer as Avebenzone naturally degrades in light. Both of these ingredients are commonly found in varying quantities in popular sun protectants.

I recommend one of the following Sun Bum options instead:

Sun Bum Mineral Spray | Sun Bum Mineral Lotion

Top 6 Ways to Care For Your Hair Extensions | Robbie Sue


Caring for your hair extensions doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right products and a little extra care, you can keep your extensions looking as good as the day they were tied. Hair extensions are a beautiful way to enhance your natural hair, but they require a commitment to proper care. Whether you’re a professional stylist or someone who enjoys the versatility of extensions at home, these tips will ensure your hair remains healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. Remember, healthy extensions require a little extra love, but the results are so worth it! With the tips and products I’ve shared, you’re well on your way to maintaining gorgeous extensions that last. Explore my full range of recommended extension care products at the link below, and let’s keep those extensions looking fabulous!  Check out more of Robbie’s reviews here.

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