Top Ways to Battle Hair Frizz in Humid Weather

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Heat and humidity are two instant ingredients that can ruin a good hair day, and yet, we can’t control the weather, but we can tame the frizz and runaway strands with a few clever techniques and products. Here at Twisted Sisters, we want you to love your hair and your hand tied extensions. Check out our top hair tips for humid weather:

Begin In The Shower

Let’s face it; a nice, hot shower feels incredible, but the temperature of that H20 you’re running could be affecting the frizz factor. In other words, we recommend shampooing your hair in lukewarm to cooler water to avoid stripping the natural oils in your mane and to enhance smoother hair.

Toss The Towel

Here’s another quick tip. A normal bath towel can be abrasive on your strands, so we suggest buying either a microfiber towel or tee-shirt to gently sop up damp hair right out of the shower.

Is there a difference?

Yes. Microfiber allows you to cut down on drying time and excels at absorbing moisture without introducing a frizzy result.

By the way, don’t rough up your hair when using a towel. Try squeezing the moisture out.

Try These Fab Formulas

The experts at our beautiful Indianapolis hair salons list some of the best frizz control ingredients to consider:

  • Hair Oils To Penetrate Hair Cuticles
  • Sulfate-Free Hair Care Products With Glycerin
  • Deep Conditioners To Seal And Block Humidity

Argan oil, grapeseed oil and others are popular oils for taming frizz, adding shine and keeping strands healthy. You can apply a tiny amount to wet or dry hair to help condition, nourish and strengthen the hair.

We don’t have to remind you about sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and treatments, but we will say that these are gentler formulas that protect your tresses and balance your hair’s natural oil levels. Also, look for glycerin high up on the ingredient list of the bottle you buy.

Glycerin is effective at hydrating the hair from the inside out.

Deep conditioners also become your friend when battling humidity and heat. Once a week should do it to add elasticity to your strands, nourishing moisture and to prevent dryness and breakage.

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Go For The Blowout

You’ve heard of it, but you may be asking, what is a Brazilian blowout?!

Here at our luxe hair salon Carmel Indiana, our pros are highly skilled at delivering this amazing treatment.

A Brazilian blowout is a bomb way to achieve gorgeous hair that is super shiny and smooth. It turns heads and can be the envy of all, and you don’t have to be famous to get one for perfect hair.

You should consider a Brazilian Blowout for these reasons:

  • Great for all hair types, including kinky, damaged, fine, color-treated
  • Smoother hair with zero frizz
  • Glossy, glossy strands
  • Enhanced hair color
  • Protective protein layer around the hair shaft
  • Up to 12 weeks of smooth hair

Book an appointment at our Indianapolis hair salons for a Brazilian Blowout. At Twisted Sisters, we pride ourselves on exceptional results with exceptional service.

Do These Two Steps Before Blow Drying

It isn’t easy giving up our hot hair tools even when the humidity amps up, so if you’re going to blast the blow dryer, at least follow a couple of our salon-worthy tips:

  1. Use a heat protectant spray. Think of it as adding a sunblock when you head to the beach to safeguard your skin.

The formula will create a thermal protectant between your hot blow dryer and your hair. The product will fend off frizz and smooth the cuticle.

  1. Use the hair diffuser. Many blow dryers come with a diffuser, but a lot of people don’t bother with it. A hair diffuser attachment is very good at creating less friction and less frizz because it limits your hair from moving around as you are drying it.

A hair diffuser is a genius hair tool for wavy and curly-haired gals to stretch those strands and make fuller, bouncier and more voluminous curls.

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Try A Humid-Friendly Hairstyle

On those hot and humid days, sometimes, you don’t want to try so hard to achieve the ultimate hair look.

We suggest going for summer-fun and humid-friendly hairstyles that keep your mane contained so to speak. For instance, you can try a cute top knot, messy bun, ponytail or braid.

If you have hand tied extensions, lucky you because not only do these hair extensions offer lush fullness and length, but they are virtually undetectable, so you can try updos, ponytails, braids, etc.

This type of long-lasting hair extension is often recommended for women with fine hair because these extensions cause minimal if any damage to the natural hair.

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Add A Little Spritz, And You’re Done

Don’t ignore the hairspray when completing your hair look in humid weather. It will help to tame those pesky flyaways and control the frizzies.

Look for gentle ingredients such as hydrolyzed wheat protein or bamboo extract for great holding power and nourishing your strands.

There’s nothing worse than a helmet head kind of hairspray effect, so choose your hairspray carefully. One that delivers a micro-mist is another good one because it’s creating an invisible veil over your hairstyle.

We can’t control the weather, and when the heat and humidity rise, together they can unravel even the most glamorous hairstyle. Here at Twisted Sisters hair salon Carmel Indiana, we love everything that has to do with healthy, beautiful hair.

If you’re wondering what is a Brazilian blowout, we’re happy to sit down with you and explain the awesome treatment. We are also talented experts at hand tied extensions and making stunning hair looks for those important events in your life.

Book an appointment at our lovely Indianapolis hair salons and come find out what we’re all about. Don’t let the frizzies freak you out.

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