Hair extensions have become one of the finest beauty accessories in today’s modern world. They can make you look incredible with longer, lusher, fuller hair, but after you leave the salon, we want you to understand that there’s a little upkeep.

Here at Twisted Sisters Indianapolis hair salons, our hair experts absolutely love hair extensions and installing them for our many clients. To keep your hair looking its healthy best, we believe in proper maintenance, and we’re sharing our hair extension guide with our favorite tips.

Always Let A Pro Do Your Hair

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You may see a handful of YouTube videos that show D.I.Y. tricks, such as installing your own hair extensions, but don’t try this yourself. You can damage your natural hair in the process because you need to gain the skill and technique of an experienced stylist. Our technicians are well-trained and talented in the art of Hairdreams hair extensions, for instance. We have the best hair salon in Indiana, and you’re safe in the salon chair with us.

Everyone’s hair texture is unique, and there are several different types of hair extensions. We can help you choose the ultimate set for your personal goals.

During The First 48 Hours…
Once you return home after getting your hair extensions from one of our Indianapolis hair salons, there are a few recommendations to follow for two days:

  • Give your bonds time to cure.
  • Do not wet or dampen your hair extensions.
  • Do not sit in a hot tub.
  • Do not sweat or use a sauna, etc.

If you have beaded weft extensions, you can ignore the advice above.

Brushing And Styling

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No one wants matted or tangled hair extensions. To avoid this, our experts suggest brushing your hair once in the morning, sometime in the afternoon, and before you go to bed.

  • Never brush your hair wet, but brush it before shampooing.
  • Use only a stylist-approved hair extension brush. It is specially made to work through a lot of hair, but it won’t tug to loosen the bonds or cause breakage.
  • Brush your hair starting in sections. Detangle the ends, and brush up the hair shaft.
  • Then, gently brush over and between the attachments at the root with your hair extension brush.

Our experts in hair extensions in Indianapolis recommend tying your hair in a loose braid or ponytail before going to sleep. This will also help avoid tangles.

Shampooing And Conditioning

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There are a few steps to follow when washing your hair. For instance, you want the bonds to remain secure in your Hairdreams hair extensions.

  • Lukewarm water is best for maintaining your hair extensions as you shampoo. Allow the water to flow down your hair. Avoid bending over and flipping your hair because this can cause tangles.
  • Look for sulfate-free shampoos. This formula will be nourishing to your strands and not strip them of their natural oils.
  • Your shampooing technique should never include rubbing the hair back and forth. Instead, use small, circular motions.
  • Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair. Do not use conditioner at the roots because it can result in your extensions slipping down your hair.
  • When you’re finished, gently pat your hair dry with a towel.

Lessening Heat Damage

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It’s hard not to use heated hair tools because most people rely on them to create various styles. If you can avoid them, that’s even better. Let your hair extensions air dry naturally, as it puts less stress on your natural roots. Another tip after getting hair extensions in Indianapolis is to never go to bed with wet hair.

hair extensions in indianapolis

Heat is the big enemy of all hair extensions, whether they’re hand-tied, tape-ins, fusion, I-tips, or Nano Laser Beamer.

We have the best hair salon in Indiana and are proud of our excellent hair work. Our advice is to lessen heat damage, and this can be accomplished in three ways:

  1. Spray on a heat protectant. There are many options available, and we can list a few favorite brands to try.
  2. Use a lower heat setting. You need some heat to create your style, but switch it up and turn down the temperature. No one wants burned hair extensions.
  3. Limit your need for heated hair tools, and take a break in between. There is just so much curling or straightening that a head of hair extensions can take, day in and day out. Experiment with a cute bun or heatless curlers you can wear to bed.

Enjoy Your New Hair Extensions!
Here at Twisted Sisters Salon, we’re masters in everything hair extensions in Indianapolis. We simply love doing hair, from installing Hairdreams hair extensions to fabulous haircuts and hair color. We want you to look and feel your best.

If you have any questions about the proper maintenance of your hair extensions, please reach out to us. We can help.

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