If your hair is frizzy, unmanageable, dry, dull, and making you freak out daily, you’re not alone.

That’s why the Brazilian Blowout was developed. This incredible hair smoothing treatment works effectively on all hair types and textures.

So, what is a Brazilian Blowout, and is there a Brazilian Blowout near me?

Not every hair place knows how to perform the treatment, but here at Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon in Westfield, we’re known as Brazilian Blowout specialists. We can help transform your mane into a glossy, bouncy head of hair.

Many of you have heard of keratin treatments and understand that a Brazilian Blowout also uses keratin, so what’s the difference?

Keratin is the magic ingredient that consists of an essential hair protein. When used in a Brazilian Blowout, the treatment fills and seals your hair’s cuticle with key amino acids and nutrients.

A Brazilian Blowout means your strands are more manageable, strong, and contain their natural texture minus the frizz. In other words, it is not a hair-straightening procedure or relaxing hair treatment.

A keratin treatment will make your strands super sleek, but you lose the volume and cannot wash the hair immediately post-treatment until after three days or so.

The Brazilian Blowout allows you to get back to a regular hair routine and lifestyle immediately. You can hop into a pool or the shower and enjoy your amazing, new mane right on the spot.


Here is what you can expect during a Brazilian Blowout:

The entire hair treatment can take up to two hours as our salon pro performs the technique. First, your hair will be thoroughly shampooed, and then, the special formula will be applied from root to tip, section to section, and then blow-dried smooth.

After, the hair will be straightened by using a flat iron to seal in the treatment. Then, it will be rinsed and towel-dried.

Next, a smoothing serum will be applied, and your mane will be blow-dried smooth one final time.

A Brazilian Blowout is a safe hair treatment that is also gentle for color-treated hair, and it is believed that the technique makes your hair color even more vibrant and glossy because it is sealing off the hair shaft.

By the way, a Brazilian Blowout can last for three to four months, and then, your natural hair texture starts to reappear at the hairline. Use good hair care products that avoid sulfates and sodium chloride to extend your results.

The next time you wonder if there’s a Brazilian Blowout near me, just call Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon in Westfield, Indiana, for a consultation at (317) 763-2020.

We have high salon standards and enjoy transforming hair for every amazing client.