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In today’s modern world, we have so many wonderful hair tools, hair tints and creative steps for achieving the ultimate crowning glory. Let’s face it; your hair is everything!

However, even the most beautiful hairstyles can suffer damage if you put your hair through excessive procedures, and here at our amazing Indianapolis hair salons, we come across damaged hair of all kinds.

Of course, we recommend a good, healthy trim, but we also have access to some of the finest salon treatments to repair and add strength and shine to your strands. Our pros can also help you choose gorgeous, hand tied extensions to give you the perfect fullness and length you desire.

Here is advice from Twisted Sisters salons near me for treating damaged hair.

Hot Oil

If you miss having silky soft strands, then a hot oil treatment is one classic method for restoring healthy hair. Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi is a big fan of hot oil treatments, and her beautiful raven hair always looks amazing considering the constant abuse her mane undergoes while doing tons of television appearances.

A hot oil treatment at our relaxing salons in Carmel Indiana will be applied to your hair, left on for about 20 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed. The treatment will not only nourish your hair, but the oil will close the hair cuticle and result in a mega-watt shine.

Color-treated hair, especially, can benefit from a hot oil treatment.

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Hair Mask

A bit of deep conditioning is awesome for repairing damaged, dry locks, and here at Twisted Sisters salons near me, we believe in giving our clients shiny, happy hair. A hair mask can nourish, smooth and give your hair a well-deserved break

Here some of the best hair masks in the business:

  • Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque
  • Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Treatment by Schwarzkopf
  • OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask
  • UniqOne All in One Hair Treatment


Even hair needs some detox once in a while. Let’s face it. Our hair goes through a lot, and loads of impurities can quickly build up on the hair from styling products, the environment, etc., making it dull, dried out and brittle.

Booking a detox treatment at one of our Indianapolis hair salons is a solution to healthier, stronger strands. This process clarifies the hair shaft, stimulates the hair follicles and promotes good hair growth. It also purifies the scalp of odor-causing bacteria.

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Keratin is naturally found in the hair and is the protein responsible for shiny, strong and healthy strands.

A keratin treatment from the experts at our salons in Carmel Indiana will help your frizzy or unruly locks lie smooth and straight for months. That way, you can put down the flat iron, blow-dryer or all those smoothing products and enjoy your sleek new hair without much effort.

Here’s another cool tip: Consider having your hair colored right before your keratin procedure. The treatment will seal in the color and allow it to last longer and appear brighter.


Damaged, dry hair is thirsty hair, and a moisture treatment can nourish, rehydrate and soften your rough strands. The right salon treatments can turn straw-like strands into silky strands.

A moisture treatment can help protect the hair from further damage by providing a coating that buffers against friction and other offenders like heat and dehydrating ammonia used in hair color.

Some excellent moisturizing ingredients often feature argan oil, aloe, oat and rice extracts, baobab proteins and shea butter.

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If your hair color has faded or morphed into a shade you don’t recognize, visit our Twisted Sisters salons near me, and we will correct the problem.

Many times, a salon toning treatment can put your favorite hair color back on the right track. The formula is left on your hair for about 20 minutes and then rinsed out.

You don’t want to fool around with a toning treatment at home. Leave this to our friendly professionals because precise timing is everything! Let us help you to extend your color and avoid rapid fading.


We all have a unique scalp. Some of us have a dry scalp or an oily scalp. Others have a flaky scalp or one that produces dandruff. Either way, a scalp treatment can get rid of any itchiness and balance the oils produced by the scalp. The treatment also promotes healthy hair growth.

The expert stylists at our Indianapolis hair salons have the skill and background to treat your individual needs. We know everything about hair from the root to the end.

A scalp scrub feels invigorating, gets the scalp circulation revving, gets rid of any buildup of dead skin cells and can strengthen your hair follicles.

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Shiny hair turns heads, and whether you have virgin hair or hair that is colored, an awesome shine is an enviable asset. A glossing treatment is yet another method for soothing damaged hair and protecting it from dullness.

It can be applied after your color session, or if you don’t tint your hair, it can also be applied to virgin strands.

A glossing treatment brings out the shine by smoothing the hair shaft and adding reflective sheen. It’s an easy way of having glossy locks for several weeks.

Here at our elegant Twisted Sisters salons in Carmel Indiana, we believe in happy, healthy hair for our clients. Damaged hair can happen to the best of us, but it’s not the end of the world. We have exceptional salon treatments that can restore the beauty of your hair, so please schedule an appointment with us today.

We also offer hand tied extensions and love installing them and using the latest techniques. No tape, no glue, no heat, you will be hooked on hand tied extensions. Book a consultation, and let’s talk.