Look, we don’t want to nag about not dyeing your hair at home. We understand that this year, appointments for hair coloring services may be more difficult to schedule and attend. Some women and men have been doing the DIY method, and to be honest, we’ve seen many people who have come to us to fix it. hair extensions indianapolis


Here at our elegant and relaxing Twisted Sisters Salons, our professionals offer superb results when you’re seeking hair coloring services near me. Keep reading along for our helpful recommendations about why we encourage our clients to skip the DIY method and some quick solutions to resolve the bad dye job. 


A Box Dye Isn’t Good Stuff


Yes, it’s convenient to pop into your neighborhood drugstore or order an inexpensive box dye online to try and cover your roots, freshen your color or even go lighter or darker. However, the experts at our Indianapolis hair salons know better.


Let the pros color your hair because what you’re getting in a box of hair color from the drugstore or big box store has been formulated with low-quality dyes, chemicals, and additives.


hair extensions indianapolisTwisted Sisters Salons have seen many clients come to us to repair their hair coloring disaster. Maybe your dye came out orange, chunks of hair broke off, the dye didn’t take, or now your mane is dry and brittle.


Even Sally Beauty does not sell hair dye that is professional enough to be used at reputable salons near me. Additionally, the cost to repair an at home dye job is greater than a salon visit. 


Trust us, you’re in the right hands, we can achieve the gorgeous hair color you dream of, and you don’t have to lift a finger.


How To Repair Bad DIY Results


If your do-it-yourself dye job in quarantine has yielded a hair disaster, don’t freak out. We have some solutions:


  1. My Hair Came Out Too Dark


Whatever you’re thinking, don’t try to lighten or lift the dark color by dying over it with a lighter shade because thatbrazilian blowout near me won’t work.


In other words, our Twisted Sisters pros explain it like this: Color cannot lift color out of the hair.


We recommend picking up a bottle of strong clarifying shampoo to soften or remove the color buildup. If you’re really in a pinch, try Head & Shoulders shampoo and wash the hair several times in hot water to lift some of the dye out.


  1. My Strands Turned Brassy


Shampoo and condition with blue and violet formulas to control the undertone of your hair without turning it another shade.


  1. My Hair Looks So Flat


salons near meLet’s say you colored your hair with a box dye, and now, your mane looks flat or one-dimensional. What can you do?


You could always add movement to your hair by curling or waving it to give the illusion of depth.


That’s why box dyes are sub-par because these brands make one medium brown, for example, designed to fit every head of brown hair, and that is just ridiculous. Your hair color needs customization, and when you book an appointment at a salon, the professionals may mix several color tubes into one bowl before applying the dye to your hair. They create the gorgeous multi-dimensions that natural strands are made of.


  1. DIY Dye Damaged My Hair


If your strands have become dry, brittle, and snapping off, we suggest applying Olaplex’s shampoo, conditioner, and Hair Perfector No. 3 treatment and avoiding heated styling tools.


Our skilled colorists rave about Olaplex because it has been developed to restore the broken disulfide bonds in your hair’s keratin (protein).


When To Turn To A Box Dye


We would prefer that you visit a professional colorist, but if you’ve been desperate during a quarantine time andbridal hair and makeup near me cannot look in the mirror any longer, then here’s some advice.


Most hair coloring experts say that you can use a box dye to match your current color, cover up a small amount of grays (not more than 30 percent), or to go slightly darker than your current color.


We recommend applying a semi-permanent dye because it is gentler than a permanent dye and fades away in a softer, more unnoticeable way.


Creating the right hair color is a science with the chemistry involved. Stylists also take into account what is already on your hair and its health and unique porosity.


When you’re on the hunt for salons near me, schedule an appointment at one of our amazing Indianapolis salons. Here at Twisted Sisters, we take pride in creating beautiful, healthy hair. Don’t risk damaging your crowning glory in a DIY. Let us color your world!

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